Bold bear mashup
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“It was a chilling scene… ” 

If we’re being really honest, we want one thing and one thing only from our soaps: to be entertained. Make us laugh, make us cry, make us feel something… anything. Give us a little bit of an escape, and we’ll say “Thank you, sir, may I have some more?” And there’s no denying that today’s Bold & Beautiful was entertaining… especially for those of us who have a slightly gruesome sense of humor.

I mean, we were supposed to laugh, right? When Detective Sanchez told those gathered in the Forrester offices that Sheila — one of the greatest villains of all time — had been eaten by… a bear?

“This is what we know,” said Sanchez, going on to say that “very disturbing evidence” had been found at a campsite. “Someone was attacked by a bear.”

He then distributed what were apparently graphic photos of “what’s left of Sheila and some of her personal belongings.” He went on to say, “It was a chilling scene. We found her driver’s license and broken cellphone, and this is an evidence bag. Contains some of Sheila’s hair and her torn, blood-stained clothing. You get the picture.”

Oh, we got it alright. Because we’re definitely in on this particular joke, having been down this road before.

Like when Sheila died in a fire on The Young and the Restless only to then show up at Forrester Creations looking for a job. Or the time Sheila — looking a lot like Young & Restless‘ Phyllis — was killed by Lauren. Or the time… well, you get the picture.

It didn’t really help that among the people gathered to hear the news of Sheila’s latest supposed demise were numerous people who’ve also been declared dead in the past and then resurrected, including new-to-the-club members Li and Finn.

Sanchez Li Finn office B&B

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Sanchez, clearly a newbie to the whole “fake death” thing, insisted that the DNA evidence was “indisputable,” but we’re not buying what he was selling. Thankfully, neither were at least a few of the people in the room.

“I’m still not convinced,” said Brooke, pointing out that the supposedly deceased is a master manipulator. But Sanchez had saved the best for last.

That’s right… he whipped out Sheila’s toe! “Her middle toe, to be exact,” he said.

All we can say to that? “Well played, Sheila. Well played, indeed.”

Because let’s face it. Good as that is, evidence wise, it ain’t like a woman as crazy as Sheila couldn’t have lopped off her own toe.

Consider us entertained, Bold & Beautiful. Not convinced of Sheila’s demise, but definitely entertained, and (fake) dying to see what comes next!

Why do we doubt Sheila’s demise? Well, take a look at her history via  and see if you don’t agree she’s totally capable of faking a bear attack!