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But is she really a stranger, or someone fans will recognize?

When Bold & Beautiful‘s Deacon was first released from prison, it looked as if he and Sheila would wind up between the sheets. After all, they spent a fair amount of time commiserating over drinks, and that’s been known to lead to all sorts of trouble. (Just ask Ridge and Shauna!) Plus, Sheila made it perfectly clear that she would be more than happy to help him make up for lost time.

Somehow, they never wound up doing the deed. In fact, as far as we know, poor Deacon hasn’t shared the company of a woman since exchanging his prison cell for the Il Giardino broom closet. But that’s all about to change. According to this week’s spoilers, Hope’s dad is about to wake up and find someone unexpected lying next to him. In the words of the show, a “complete stranger.”

Now, we have a few theories as to who it might be, which we’re about to share. And once we do, we look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments.

The first person who comes to mind is, of course, Sheila. And we know, we know, she’s far from the “complete stranger” described in the spoilers. Plus, there’s the whole attacked-and-killed-by-a-bear thing. But much like several members of the Forrester family, we’re extremely skeptical about that particular twist (as detailed here), which left us wondering if perhaps the “stranger” is an alive-but-disguised Sheila.

The more we thought about it, though, the more we wondered if Bold & Beautiful is about to pull a major shocker on us. Remember when the camera panned up to reveal Eric in bed with Quinn? Or the time Brooke “accidentally” had sex with Hope’s then-boyfriend, Oliver?

What if the “complete stranger” Deacon wakes up with is someone he doesn’t recognize, but we know well. For example… Flo? Although she and Wyatt have been engaged for ages, we haven’t actually seen them together. Might Wyatt’s claims that all is well be a cover for trouble in paradise… the kind of trouble that leads to a woman seeking comfort in the arms of another man?

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Once you start thinking about “familiar strangers” — meaning people Deacon might not recognize but viewers would — the possibilities are as endless as they are fascinating. For example, imagine how Ridge would react if Deacon were to get involved with Shauna. Sure, Ridge is currently ping-ponging between Taylor and Brooke, but this is a guy who stakes permanent claims on women he gets involved with, even once it seems he’s forgotten them entirely.

Ridge and Shauna discuss his marriage Bold and Beautiful

Another candidate who also happens to share history with Ridge? Morgan DeWitt. While the character hasn’t been mentioned in ages, she’s out there somewhere, having last been seen seeking much-needed psychiatric help. Has she at long last gotten over her obsession with Ridge, or is she still every bit as crazy as… well, Sheila!

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Truth be told, the possibilities are borderline endless. After all, Deacon works at one of the most popular restaurants in town, making it possible for him to cross paths with anyone. Heck, Zoe Buckingham — who is still employed by Forrester Creations, although she’s currently working overseas — might swing by for a tasty meal and find herself unable to resist Deacon’s charms!

Before hitting the comments with your own theories, get acquainted with the real-life loves of your favorite stars in the photo gallery below.