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“Give me a break!” 

When Bold & Beautiful‘s Finn and Steffy reunited, we fully expected that they’d be the talk of Twitter. But when suddenly she — minus her Mr. — became one of the social media site’s much-discussed topics, we were curious as to why.

Granted, Steffy is pretty much always being discussed on Twitter, whether by fans or detractors. Remember when she woke up from having been shot and mistakenly believed herself still married to Liam? Oh, boy, did people have a lot to say on that particular topic. And of course, when she encourages mom Taylor to pursue Ridge, a whole lot of fans cry out, “Why, Steffy? Why would you want your mom to throw herself at a guy who has repeatedly hurt her?”

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But lately, Finn’s wife has been trending for a whole different reason: Her tiff with his mom. Some threw their support behind Steffy, others thought she needed to show her gratitude to the woman who kept the hunk alive.

Nicole questioned “what some fans are smoking,” adding that Steffy was completely in the right. “Most of you would be livid if your mother-in-law kept a huge secret like that for you.” She added that Li’s excuses were crap, because “Steffy was never a danger to Finn. Give me a break!”

Others, however, think Steffy needs to dial back the anger and focus on what’s important. “Li risked her job to save her son,” wrote Mackenzie, accusing Steffy of “making this all about her. Typical narcissist!”

This was the rare case where some actually managed to see both sides of the issue. “Steffy has a right to be upset and expect answers,” mused Angie, adding that “Li had some valid points,” too.

One thing we know for sure: The situation created a new dynamic that was a welcome break from the endless (and repetitive) Brooke/Ridge/Taylor drama we seem headed back to. And if that’s the case, we say bring on more of the Li/Steffy battle!

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