MONTE CARLO - JUNE 19: The Bold and The Beautiful at the 61st Annual Monte Carlo Television Festival. Pictured: Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Thorsten Kaye, Krista Allen and Tanner Novlan. (Photo by Sean Smith/CBS via Getty Images)
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Wait, was it… Adele?

On August 9, a Bold & Beautiful fan tweeted out an especially well-edited “Tridge” video set to the tune of Adele’s “Rumor Has It.” The caption? “Rumor has it Brooke doesn’t have [Ridge’s] love anymore.”

In response, Krista Allen, who’s always game to playfully interact with viewers on social media, said, “Uh-oh… who started this rumor?!”

When a Kiss Is Telling

In a way, Ridge himself, if you ask us. In the episode that aired that same day, Brooke invited her “destiny” to celebrate his return in their time-honored tradition — in bed. But one kiss was all it took for her to sense that something was amiss. What ever could it be?

Obviously, his standby wife, Taylor and the lip-lock that they shared in Monte Carlo. While there is some debate about who initiated that kiss — read all about that here — there’s no denying that it made an impact on Ridge as well as his ex.

taylor ridge kiss mashup bb

Truth Bombs… Dropped

Already, Taylor has confessed to daughter Steffy that Mommy and Daddy had “a moment.” So that’s sure to start another round of “Tridge’s” kids pleading for a family reunion. And Taylor thinks that this kiss, more than most, was meaningful.

Were she a real person, we’d refer the onetime princess of Morocco to our photo gallery that serves up one reminder after another of all the times that Ridge has proven that he doesn’t think of her as endgame. (Click here to see.) We’d also tell her, “C’mon, girl, you know you deserve better than to be the woman he runs to every time he has a tiff with his favorite.”

Taylor confession B&B

You know we’re right, Taylor.

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Options… She Has Options, Dang It!

Besides, we’re still watching Bold & Beautiful with our fingers crossed that the show will pull the trigger on a different potential coupling for Taylor — or, better yet, this love triangle that would put her at the center instead of Ridge.

Fans would be down with that, we suspect. They’re certainly annoyed with Ridge. “OK, I’ma need [him] to stop with these games and make a decision already,” Lexie P tweeted to Allen. “This flip-flopping ain’t cute.”

“Yes, it’s a soap,” Kellie Jenkins acknowledged, “but this is 2022! A doctor and a scientist would not be fawning over a ‘dressmaker.'”

In Maureen O’Hara’s eyes, Ridge had, in fact, already made his final decision. It was crystal clear who he most cared about. “I think Ridge is fully committed to Ridge.”

Good one. Check the relationship status of all the couples on Bold & Beautiful in the below photo gallery.