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Honestly, the name couldn’t be more perfect! 

From the moment Bill and Li first ran into each other in that alley on The Bold and the Beautiful, we’ve been waiting for the inevitable pairing to come. After all, could there be a more perfect match than these two powerful characters?

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Clearly, we haven’t been alone in this, as Don Diamont, Naomi Matsuda and producer Casey Kasprzyk dove right into the topic within the first 10 minutes of their Bold Live interview!

For one thing, Diamont noted, Li couldn’t have come at a better time in Bill’s life.

“Bill was obviously feeling a bit wistful with what’s happening with Katie and his son being gone,” the actor explained. “Maybe some of the challenging personal decisions in his life. So it was good timing for where Bill is in his life to happen upon Li.”

Don Diamont, Naomi Matsuda Bill li bb jpi

“I’m a stunningly successful, devastatingly handsome single guy, you’re an accomplished, beautiful, soon-to-be? single woman. What say we make some magic?”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

It was time for a good deed and saving Li (and thereafter Finn) was just what Bill needed. But also, when you think about it, she’s come into his life just as he’s realizing that Katie may be lost to him for good. His heart may be hurting, but it sounds like there’s room for someone to take Katie’s place!

As for Li, Matsuda noted, hubby “Jack is finito. He was not good for me. Li deserves someone like Bill.”

And when Kasprzyk read a fan comment about how interesting it would be for the two characters to hook up, Matsuda and Diamont both offered nods and a couple of mysterious smiles.

Well, that’s about all we need to start planning the wedding! Er, almost all we need. There is one more thing…

“So, if you do get together,” Kasprzyk explained, “that creates what we call here on the show, a smoosh name.”

Diamont was a bit confused, so the producer went on to explain that it’s what folks call names like “Still,” Steffy and Bill. The actor got it, but he seemed to be alone in thinking maybe they could be “Bli.” Somehow… that feels a bit underwhelming, like someone forgot a couple letters of “bling.”

Luckily, Matsuda, had a better suggestion: “Billi!” And that was exactly what Kasprzyk had in mind too!

“I’m calling it ‘Billi,’ he declared. “I love the name ‘Billi.’ I was thinking about this. It’d be ‘Billi’ because you guys are the GOATS, the greatest of all time. ‘Billi’ GOATS, yeah. I’m here all week, folks!”

So, there you have it! Check out the exchange below to see how Bill goes from the Stallion to the GOAT!

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