Brooke Ridge dispute B&B
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“Bridge’s” days will be numbered if they end up on opposite sides of this divisive issue.

Brooke Logan’s “destiny” has won out against almost impossible odds in the past, but it’s going to be tested like never before when lines are drawn and sides are taken in a family drama that’s about to unfold… and no, we’re not talking about the aftermath of “the kiss.”

Yes, Ridge was sorely disappointed to see Hope’s social media post with Brooke posing beside Deacon, even though her banished ex-husband wasn’t inside his wife’s home or on her property (at least not in the photo, ahem). Of course, his stance seemed more than a tad hypocritical given that he then indulged in quite a kiss with his ex, Taylor, on a scenic outlook in romantic Monte Carlo.

In his defense, the kiss could have been triggered by the upsetting post, but that still doesn’t make the smooch — or his double-standard — right.

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Despite this zig-zag, Ridge’s homecoming was relatively benign, as he greeted Brooke with a kiss in front of Taylor, as though re-establishing the status quo. But… Ridge has been struggling with the ol’ flip-or-flop dilemma ever since… and his wife can tell something’s up.

With that stressor already on Brooke and Ridge’s marriage, another challenge is set to present itself that has the potential to truly divide them.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers indicate that Thomas will launch a bid to convince Hope that Douglas should come to live with him again, which is bound to ignite drama between the Logan and Forrester camps, as Hope’s not likely to be on board with the plan.

Taylor will certainly side with her son and support his efforts to regain full custody of his son now that he’s turned his life around and worked so hard to find a new home in which to start over with his boy.

Taylor and Thomas’ portrayers, Matthew Atkinson and Krista Allen sounded off on this very topic in the not-too-distant past, with Allen declaring “It’s time you had full custody,” which — who knows? — may have been a catalyst for the story to come to fruition.

For Ridge, the issue is a thorny one indeed as he’ll be straddling what is bound to become a very contentious divide between the Logans and his own family.

Brooke will undoubtedly be appalled by the idea that Douglas might be packed up and moved out of her daughter’s cabin abode, and will expect Ridge to convince Thomas to back down. On the other side of the matter, Taylor, Thomas, and Steffy are going to expect him to throw his support behind his own son and push his stepdaughter to relinquish her hold over the kiddo.

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Given all of the family unity the Forresters have been experiencing lately, despite Ridge’s decision to move back in with Brooke, it seems unthinkable that he would turn his back on them — or even remain neutral — in this dispute, which spells big trouble for his marriage.

Brooke will not be a happy camper if her husband declares himself Team Thomas in a matter that could hurt her daughter, and that, combined with the complex emotions he’s been grappling with since kissing Taylor in Monaco, could prove to be a hurdle too big for even “destiny” to overcome.

Making matters even worse, teasers reveal that Deacon will be firmly in Brooke and Hope’s corner, assuring his daughter that Douglas will stay with her — an aggravating factor that may, once again, prove to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for Ridge.

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Will Thomas’ custody bid be the nudge that finally sends the “Bridge” marriage off of the proverbial cliff and Ridge back into Taylor’s arms on a more permanent basis?

Let us know how you think this storyline will play out in the comment section below.

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