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It’s clear that Ridge and Taylor have a lot more story to tell.

To say that Steffy and Finn’s family and friends were beyond happy to learn that he didn’t succumb to a gunshot wound at the hands of his biomom Sheila after all is an understatement. Taylor and Ridge, having watched their daughter’s dreams come true firsthand, were so filled with emotion that they shared another kiss last week. However, was there more to it than two divorced parents getting caught up in the moment following Steffy and Finn’s reunion?

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Krista Allen discussed the kiss, and what set this one apart from any previous ones since her character’s return, with Soap Opera Digest. “The difference here is they kissed each other this time,” Allen explained. “It wasn’t Ridge coming in for a kiss. It was them coming together, and it hit differently for the first time in a long time.”

Some fans, on the other hand, thought that Ridge had been the aggressor in that oh-so-passionate lip-lock. So we rewatched the kiss with an extra-critical eye, and after Ridge and Taylor pulled back from the their embrace, it appeared that Ridge leaned in first, ever so slightly. And in last Thursday’s episode, Taylor wondered if maybe they got caught up in the moment, or more to the point, got a little too close for two friends, and asked, “Why did you kiss me?”

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That’s the real question… Did Ridge feel what Taylor had, too, or did he just get caught up in the emotions, especially since he was already pissed off about seeing that Hope’s selfie included Brooke and Deacon in the mix.

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But it’s neither here nor there. As Allen stated, it was clear that the kiss “hit differently” this time — to this viewer, anyway — and it’s safe to say that Ridge won’t be able to brush it off so easily and act as though nothing happened.

In fact, as previewed in the Bold & Beautiful spoilers, the week of August 8, that hot “Tridge” kiss will still be on their minds, and Taylor won’t be able to shake the feeling that there was more to the kiss than just two parents that were overjoyed for their daughter.

“Yes, he is married to Brooke, but it’s a marriage that hasn’t been solid in a long time,” Allen stated. “Taylor is not feeling much regret. She’s like, ‘This is what’s happening. Things are evolving and things are changing,’ and she’s OK stepping into that because of what she’s getting from Ridge and what they are experiencing together.”

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And after she confides what happened to Steffy, her daughter is once again hopeful that her parents will come back to each other — and once again insists to her father that he would be much happier with her mother than Brooke. Allen credited Taylor’s newfound strength to Steffy and said, “A lot of inspiration is coming from her daughter.”

So, how will this all unfold? “We will see what happens,” Allen teased.

While we wait to watch how the storyline pans out, take a look at our assessment of Ridge and Taylor’s, as well as Ridge and Brooke’s, relationships in our photo gallery below.