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Life moves fast in Los Angeles — and couples even faster!

To live and love in Los Angeles — sounds like a great name for a film, right? Well, movies wish they could squeeze as much romantic drama in an hour and a half as The Bold and the Beautiful does in a third of that time. If the CBS sudser is any indication, the city of angels is an unending hotbed of triangles, quadrangles and couple swapping. In fact, there’s so much changing of romantic partners going on, it can be tough to keep track of whether Ridge is with Brooke or Taylor, not just depending on the week, but between the beginning and end of an episode!

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So what could be a better idea than a couples report for the show? Who’s with who, who could be hooking up and who will likely never, ever get back together again! Granted, when it comes to Bold & Beautiful, there’s always the risk that it’s outdated within 30 minutes, but we need to have some starting place to figure out these romances, right?

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“How about we’re a couple on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I’m married to Brooke on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays?”

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And what better time than now? Finn and Steffy are finally reunited. Deacon and Taylor are generating so many sparks, sometimes we think it’s still the Fourth of July and — oh, wait, she kissed Ridge again? Hold please. Just going to update a little something…

OK, maybe if we write all this down, it’ll help these folks figure things out enough to build steady relationships. Honestly, who would have ever thought Liam would end up in one of the most stable relationships out there and finally make things work with Hope? For now…

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In any case, if you need some help figuring out who Eric’s true love is, or whether Paris ever has a hope of being happy without mommy dearest’s interference, take a peek at our gallery. But don’t come at us if every single couple on the list shifts by the time you’re done reading it. Love in Los Angeles can be brutal!

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