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If you thought the head of Finn’s fan club was just going to disappear… think again.

Bold & Beautiful viewers have been wondering if they’ve seen the last of Sheila Carter… at least for now.

After all, she’s known for her ability to slither off into the world undetected by law enforcement even after committing the most heinous of crimes. It’s honestly her super-power, as she’s popped up to terrorize residents of Los Angeles and Young & Restless’ Genoa City over decades like some sort of she-devil Energizer bunny… she just keeps going.

After coming as close as one would ever want to get to murdering her own son and his wife, it appeared Sheila was finally going to pay the price when she landed behind bars, but it’s not as if a mere prison was going to be enough to stop her. Like clockwork, an accomplice came out of the woodwork, as it were, to help spring her from her cage.

Good ol’ Mike Guthrie, who she once left for dead, managed to survive, and astonishingly, still harbored some kind of pathological attraction to Sheila. Conveniently, Guthrie just happened to be the head guard at the jail and was able to set Sheila loose when she was being transferred to a higher security prison. It’s always during the transfers!

Mike went on to become Sheila’s accomplice as she chased Li to her supposed death and took to stabbing her infirm son Finn with a syringe full of sedatives in order to hold him captive so she could “love” him just a little longer. Egad.

As we all know, Li survived, and in a true Bold & Beautiful miracle was picked up off the streets by a newly (and confusingly) magnanimous Bill Spencer, which led to the jig being up for Sheila.

On the lam once again, Sheila’s last resort was begging a reformed con artist for help, and in what can only be considered another miracle of sorts, Deacon jeopardized his suddenly bright future to cover for her when Deputy Chief Baker came a-knockin’ at the door.

That said, he demanded Sheila get out immediately afterward, so many fans were probably thinking, “Okay, this is the part where she disappears again for a few years.” Because let’s be honest, she’s kinda outta options.

Yes, we all know that once the dust settles, in a year or two, Sheila will turn up in Genoa City or Los Angeles once again — when we’re least expecting it, which is part of the thrill.

But wait… It turns out, that Sheila’s current reign of terror isn’t over. The chapter’s not quite closed.

How can she possibly have more story to tell when she’s a fugitive from the law? We’re not sure about that, but we are certain Sheila’s still in the picture because a Kimberlin Brown tease told us so.

Brown shared a behind-the-scenes post from the hair and make-up room as she was getting ready to film scenes on the CBS sudser. This means Sheila will ride again… or still.

Scenes filmed now would typically air in a few weeks, so that gives fans some idea of how long we will be seeing Sheila on our screens at a minimum.

What play could Sheila possibly have left? We can think of one deranged move she might make — kidnapping Hayes.

Why would she do this? She “just wants to love him” comes to mind… but it might also give her some leverage to negotiate with the cops on her charges. Sheila would return the boy unharmed in return for immunity.

Perhaps we’re on the wrong track, and she’ll somehow beat the rap for attempted murder and stay on. It seems unlikely, but anything can happen in a soap opera.

What do you think will happen in Sheila’s storyline? Let us know in the comment section below.

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