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It’s been one hell of a bumpy, fiery ride for Li since August 2, 2021.

These days Li has been front and center in The Bold and the Beautiful’s storyline surrounding Sheila’s latest reign of terror and the character’s portrayer can’t believe it’s been one year today since Finn’s mom arrived on the scene — and neither can we!

Naomi Matsuda took to Instagram to mark the special anniversary and shared, “Hard to believe it’s been a year since I joined the cast of The Bold and the Beautiful.” Of the “incredible experience,” the CBS soap actress hopes that it “continues for another 50 years.”

She went on to thank head writer Bradley Bell, vice president of communications Eva Basler, the cast and crew and those at Midwest People Management, as well as at the FSE Talent Agency — and of course everyone who has supported her throughout her run as Li and expressed, “It’s greatly appreciated!”

Things have really heated up since Li whisked her thought-to-be-dead son out of the hospital after he was shot by his bio mom Sheila and stashed him away in a hotel room where she nursed him back to health. However, it wasn’t an easy road, given that Sheila barged onto the scene only to learn that she hadn’t killed her son after all.

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Though Sheila thought she had seen the last of Li, after her vehicle burst into flames and plummeted into the water, there was no keeping this strong woman down and after making her way to an alley, and with a little help from Bill, Li regained her voice and they rushed to save her son, once again, from Sheila — for the moment anyway.

B&B Li Car Crash

Now, Finn has reunited with Steffy in Monaco but the matter of Li keeping the truth from his wife, that he was alive all along, will surely bring more drama to the table. And while Steffy and others, like his father Jack, will be grateful for Li saving Finn’s life, they have every right to be upset given how utterly devastated they were over his “death.” Then there’s that little tidbit that Sheila is still on the loose… and we all know that she doesn’t forgive and forget.

We’ve enjoyed watching Matsuda as a mother on a mission and look forward to whatever’s to come!

And before you go, relive Finn and Steffy’s heartwarming reunion, moment by moment, in the photo gallery below.