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What Sharpe does at this moment could undo all the progress he’s made with Hope… and others.

Deacon Sharpe has never been in a better place in his life than he is right now… but a hurricane of a woman is about to blow in and put all of the progress he’s made in jeopardy…

When Deacon turned up in Los Angeles after being released from prison, it was a revelation that his daughter Hope had been writing him letters in jail and wanted to get to know him. This was a significant shock to Brooke, Ridge and Liam, who all questioned her judgment in the matter.

Hope held firm that she wanted to explore a relationship with her father, and as a result, we’ve seen a different Deacon than we ever have in the past — one who appears to be totally reformed.

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Though Deacon did have a bit of an agenda in getting back in good with Hope, it was one you couldn’t fault him for — he’d realized how much he still loved her mother and wanted another shot with her. Brooke, of course, is married to Ridge, so this didn’t go over well, but it also didn’t cause him to crash and burn with his daughter… even after being caught in a compromising position with La Logan.

Deacon had shown enough of his heart to Hope that by the time Brooke was incessantly asking why she’d gotten drunk and kissed Deacon on New Year’s Eve, Hope accepted her father’s explanation of his role in the debacle, and happily, decided not to blame him or kick him to the curb.

Although Deacon ended up banned from Brooke’s property when she reconciled with Ridge, she no longer sees him as a villain, and he continued to enjoy a close relationship with his daughter, who again, took him at his word when he truthfully claimed he hadn’t heard from his, erm… ex, Sheila, when she went on the lam.

Deacon, of course, was appropriately horrified to learn that his sometimes-pal Sheila had shot both Finn and Steffy and left them for dead in the alley behind Il Giardino — where he was the unfortunate and horrified party to discover them bloodied and laying on a pile of trash.

When Steffy’s mom Taylor showed up at the restaurant to ask whether Deacon had any idea where Sheila might be, she believed him when he insisted he was clueless, and even thanked him for his quick actions in getting help for Steffy and Finn that fateful night. Given the situation was traumatizing for Deacon, and he and Taylor were both disappointed and hurt by Brooke and Ridge’s latest reconciliation, a bond of sorts was formed between them — not to mention a chemical reaction.

Deacon took to dropping by Taylor’s office to talk — and flirt. He deduced that the “world renowned psychiatrist” was worried about Ridge’s reaction if she were to spend time with him, but managed to leave her flustered at the suggestion that they might explore what was between them when she returned from her overseas trip to visit Steffy.

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Yup, Deacon has come out on top after all of the adversity in his life and we love to see it. But all of the progress he’s made will come down to what decision he makes when Sheila, a wanted fugitive, shows up on his doorstep looking for help.

One would think that Deacon would do the smart thing and turn her in considering the diabolical twist her life has taken, but for Sharpe, it’s not that black and white.

*Spoiler Alert*

Deacon’s portrayer Sean Kanan told SOD that when Sheila barges in, his character “doesn’t have time to process all of this.” Obviously, he knows covering for Sheila is “risky,” but she blindsides him with the information that Finn is alive… and the next thing he knows, Deputy Chief Baker is pounding at the broom closet door. As Kanan explains, “His head is spinning.”

According to Bold & Beautiful spoilers, it’s crunch time on Tuesday, as Deacon makes a decision that could change his life. Will he cover for Sheila?

As an ex-con, Deacon’s first instinct is to get rid of the cops at his door, so in that split-second, Kanan reveals, “He risks it and covers for her.”

Egad, Deacon.

As all seasoned soap opera fans know, this decision, whether now or at a later date — perhaps when he’s about to walk down the aisle with the beautiful Taylor Hayes — will come back to bite him in the behind. Not to mention it makes him an accomplice of sorts.

When Deacon’s ill-advised move is exposed, will his willingness to help a friend be seen as a sign of his innate kindness, perhaps leading to forgiveness from Hope, Brooke and Taylor? We suspect not.

Unfortunately, Sharpe will have given Ridge the perfect reason to grunt and bellow, “I told you so” all over Los Angeles. And considering that his split-second decision will probably mean that Sheila is still at large (and therefore still a potential threat), the women in his life aren’t likely to give him the benefit of the doubt either.

It’s a frustrating turn of events for fans of the character, but then again, would Deacon even be Deacon if he didn’t find himself in a compromising position and mess up?

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Maybe there will be a twist and he will turn Sheila in after he initially deflects Baker? For his sake, we hope so!

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