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Spencer would never do this!

Bill Spencer has been simmering on Bold & Beautiful’s backburner for quite some time, and while his story is far from sizzling again, fans have been happy to see him back on their screens, if only to finally find out what was going on between him and Katie, who has also been missing in action. That said, the stew he’s found himself in most recently is kinda questionable…

It turns out Dollar Bill’s love life is far from a hot commodity these days, as Katie has not been receptive to his overtures where a reunion is concerned. Unlike Ridge, who keeps going back to Brooke (aka, his Destiny) after she dallies with Bill, Logan’s sister seems to have had enough after the last inappropriate kiss they shared. And who can blame her?!

The lack of a love life left Bill with little to do but appear from time to time as a gossip hen along with his sons, dishing on other characters’ stories. Many viewers want better for the dashing magnate — and those fans have been vocal about saying so!

In a Q&A session a couple of weeks ago, Bold & Beautiful producer Casey Kasprzyk teased that Bill had a big part in an upcoming story, which must have been the one in which we find him now. Bill discovered the traumatized and wounded Li in an alley and will presumably be instrumental in putting the pieces together that Finn is alive and needs help. Significant to the story yes, but is this plot twist believable? Not so much…

As much as we’ve enjoyed the treat of Vincent Irizarry’s return as Dr. Jordan Armstrong, who Bill called over to the house to examine Li after finding her in the alley, it’s kinda mind-boggling that it ever got to that point.

Why? A few good reasons.

Even if a wealthy man like Bill went to eat at a simple place on the wharf, would he really be picking his way through an alley when he exits as opposed to having his car whisk him away from the front door? Granted, Bill likes to drive his sports car, so even if we accept that he was parked nearby and there was no other way for him to leave the restaurant and avoid the garbage-strewn alleyway, would the rest of the scenario be believable?

Um, no.

Los Angeles, sadly, has a terribly large homeless population — in fact, its Skid Row was once the subject of a very moving storyline involving Bold & Beautiful’s Stephanie Forrester —— which means that Bill would be, unfortunately, used to seeing people in Li’s condition… and has not been bringing them home.

Even if he took notice of Li in her state, it’s tough to believe he’d put her in his car and bring her home with him.

We’re not saying that Bill has no heart, he certainly does — he’s the biggest donor to the Forrester Foundation — but even his own son Wyatt called into question his father’s sudden fit of compassion out of the blue when he learned that he had taken a disenfranchised woman back to the mansion in order to get her help. It’s bizarre. He’d be far more likely to call someone else to come to her aid.

What would have made this believable was if he recognized Li. Maybe their paths had never crossed, but there must have been news stories about Finn and Steffy’s high-profile shooting — something that might have triggered his memory so it would make sense that Bill would take the woman off the street and into his own home.

They still could have dragged it out by having her too traumatized to speak or offer up any information, as they have been doing.

Even though the premise of the plot twist is a stretch to the point of breaking, it has been terrific having Bill back on our screens on a daily basis, and the idea that he and Finn’s mother will develop some kind of bond over this is intriguing — and could lead to a new kind of story.

Might Bill and Li become the newest power couple? With Katie showing no interest in her former husband, it’s certainly a possibility. Their names even have a certain cachet given that they’re the names of Bold & Beautiful’s co-creators, Bill Bell and Lee Phillip Bell. Meant to be?

Let us know what you think of the plot twist involving Bill finding Li and taking her home in the comment section below.

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