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Has Sheila seen the light and let her son go?.

In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful preview for the week of July 25 – 29, Finn is heading home. Read about it below and watch the preview.

Last week, Finn questioned Sheila as to how she got him out of the morgue and to where he currently was, and she finally admitted that was all Li. As Sheila began to fill Finn in on all that went down, he couldn’t help but noticed she kept talking about his mother as if she was in the past. Sheila finally admitted Li’s car went off the road and sank and there was nothing she could have done, blaming Li for her own demise for not working with her.

Elsewhere, Bill was stunned to discover Li, covered in ashes but alive in an alleyway near the wharf. Li was in shock at the time, but he was finally able to get her to his house and coax her into speaking.

Coming up, Sheila tells Finn that she loves him so much, so he tells her to prove it and let him go home and be with his family Meanehilw Li tells Bill, Liam, and Hope that Finn isn’t dead, he’s alive!

In Monaco, Steffy looks at photos of her and Finn and the kids in her locket. Back home, Finn is shown dressed and on the phone saying, “Steffy I’m on my way home to you, it won’t be long, we will be together soon.”

Is Finn really about to head home? Has Sheila stayed true to her word to reunite him with his family? Or is this just a dream of either Finn or Steffy’s?

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