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Could it finally be her turn to know what it feels like to be a Brooke?

For years, decades… forever, The Bold and the Beautiful has built one love triangle after another around Brooke. Eric and Ridge both loved her. Ridge and Thorne. Ridge and Nick. Ridge and Bill. We could go on (and also “on and on”). But you get the idea. All the while, Taylor has pretty much remained stuck as the odd woman out in a never-ending marry-go-round with Ridge and Brooke.

That could all change in a heartbeat, though. Don’t get us wrong. We are loving — loving! — the dynamic between Taylor and Deacon. We want that to happen in a big way, to capitalize on the sparks that Krista Allen and Sean Kanan send flying. But before that relationship really takes off, why not let Taylor be treated for a while like the queen that she is, by setting up Vincent Irizarry’s Jordan as competition for Deacon?

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“Sure, we’ve got room for one more!”

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Anyone could see that the doctor is a likelier romantic prospect for an internationally renowned psychiatrist like Taylor than Hope’s ex-con father. She and Jordan are both healers. Professionals. Intellectuals. And she might like the idea of dating a man who hasn’t already, as Deacon has, fallen under Brooke’s spell. (We don’t have to tell you how hard those are to come by!)

In the end, we’d still put together Taylor and Deacon, and allow their chemistry to tip the scales in his favor. Opposites don’t just attract each other, they attract attention — ours. But how much fun would it be to see Taylor as the center of attention for a change? And how much more fun would it be to watch Ridge freak out over it?

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“Stay away from my women — all of my women!”

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In fact, the dressmaker could turn into such a green-eyed monster over Taylor’s sudden popularity that it once again tears apart him and Brooke. Only this time, when he runs to Taylor, it’s Deacon who answers the door. Picture the look on Ridge’s face. Priceless, no?

“Ridge, honey, I’m kinda busy right now — and only getting busier,” she could tell him. “Why don’t you run along home, and next time maybe you could call first? That would be great.”

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The love triangle arc could even be extended by having a reunited Steffy and Finn champion Jordan for Taylor. Why? Steffy’s no fan of Deacon’s, for starters. And Finn might know his fellow doctor from the hospital. Their support of Jordan as a romantic match for Taylor would make sense — and, once the Sheila trauma is behind them, they could have a fun, light story to play… you know, to ease them back into the day-to-day madness that is life on The Bold and the Beautiful.

As if Taylor needs any reminders, the below photo gallery tees up all the times that Ridge proved he wasn’t worthy of her.