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Even if he has to do so in a body bag, he’s going to get out of that damn room!

The week of July 25 promises to be do-or-die on The Bold and the Beautiful. Thus far, Finn has tried everything that he can think of to escape from his mother’s loving embrace clutches — and all to no avail. He’s no closer to reuniting with Steffy and their family than he was a week, two weeks, a month ago. So now he’s just repeating himself in hopes of breaking Mommie Dearest.

A Risky Tactic

“Every time he calls her out, he gets a huge reaction out of her,” Tanner Novlan tells Soap Opera Digest. “Even though it’s scary at times, he knows that he’s getting through to her on some level, so he just keeps pressing her buttons to try to wear her down.”

It might actually be working, too. Like a child asking a parent over and over, “Are we there yet?” it becomes “emotional draining” for Sheila, the actor says, “because she knows she doesn’t have the means to keep Finn alive…

“The more he blasts her,” he adds, “the harder it gets for her. Finn would die trying to escape, because his family means everything to him.”

Finn holler B&B

“Let… me… ooout!”

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What Happens Next

If Sheila does at last acknowledge that she doesn’t actually know how to care for her son, she isn’t likely to just throw open the door and say, “Gee, sorry about all this. Guess I went a little overboard.” No, if she releases Finn, she knows that mum won’t be the word he uses the first chance he gets to speak with the authorities. So she may be faced with a decision that she never wanted to make: him… or her.

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Given that Sheila is, among so many other things, a survivor, it’s possible that she could decide to end Finn’s life to safeguard her own. If he isn’t going to love her the way that she wants — and he ain’t — what use is he to her?

Sheila’s always taken bad news well. Obviously.

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An Unlikely Savior

Our hunch is that push will come to shove between mother and son. Sheila is, after all, as prone to violence as we are to finishing a bottle of wine when we meant to just have a glass. And Finn, even in his weakened state, might see physically getting past the psycho as his last, best, perhaps only option.

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Just when it looks like Sheila will kill Finn, for real this time, in comes a back-from-the-dead Li to slay the dragon lady, rescue her son and finally rush him back where he belongs: in Steffy’s arms. How do you think the climax of this story will play out? En route to the comments…

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