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This is one pairing we’d have never seen coming!

At the end of yesterday’s Bold & Beautiful episode, we got the surprise of a lifetime (or not, if we were paying attention to all the hints!) when Bill found Li alive in an alley behind the new restaurant. Those Finnegans really are tough to kill!

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But whether or not we were expecting her return, the fact that Bill was the one to find her alive is the really interesting part of this twist.

We know that producer Casey Kaspzryk promised us that Bill’s got a big role in some story coming up, and while finding Li alive might fit the, er, bill, that seems like it should just be the beginning. For one thing, it sets him up to play the hero. He and Li can join forces, charge in and rescue Finn from Sheila.

But that’s not all that could be ahead for the two of them.

Bill and Wyatt chatted about it up a bit today about the elder Spencer’s progress with Katie, only for us to learn… nothing, really. Not much is going on there. Katie, as we know, is wary of his declarations of devotion and Bill just admitted he hasn’t made many inroads. In fact, he almost seemed tired of the whole game — tired and sad.

So, for all intents and purposes, the Stallion is free to roam wild. And maybe he can find a little rebound love to take his mind off of Katie while he’s roaming!

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That’s the look of a man ready for something exciting and new. We feel the same way!

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After almost losing Ridge to Taylor (again), Brooke’s more determined than ever to keep her forever husband. She almost screwed things up with Deacon, it seems utterly unlikely that she’d risk something similar with Bill — especially since there won’t be alcohol involved!

Who better than with Li? She’s a brilliant, strong-willed, powerful woman who has just proven she’s got what it takes to survive a brush with death — and Sheila! Any woman who can go toe-to-toe with that psychopath is someone who would surely catch Bill’s eye.

And while some might look askance at Li’s own secret plans and hiding Finn from those who love him, if anyone would understand, it’s Bill. So often, he is the only one who knows what’s right and what has to be done, whether or not others agree with him.

He and Li are cut from the same cloth.

And if he could ever convince her to turn her brilliant mind towards the business world and join him at Spencer Publications, there’s a good chance we would soon be asking: Forrester who? It certainly wouldn’t be the first time on a soap that a doctor’s turned business mogul.

Granted, there’s the chance that the two might be a little too similar and end up butting heads all the time, but it seems like if anyone could keep Bill’s ego in check, it would be Li.

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What do you think? Is it time for Bill to find love again — this time, with someone new? Would they be able to keep their own worst impulses in check with each other? Let us know below!

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