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The July 21 episode promises to be a big one.

Since The Bold and the Beautiful has a habit of having its characters only talk about the other characters that are in frontburner storylines rather than their own lives (which seem to vanish when they are on the bench), viewers have gone a long time without an update on Bill and Katie’s relationship status. Are they giving it another go? Have they realized that they are well past the point of saying, “If at first you don’t succeed — or second or third — try, try again”?

Today’s the Day

Teasers for the July 21 episode suggest that we’ll get our answer when Bill confides in son Wyatt. Our hunch: Bill is going to say what he always does — at least when he’s not pursuing Brooke. He’s going to say that Katie is The One, so he is pulling out all the stops to convince her that he’s changed and is really deserving of a 732nd chance.

Mind you, if Bill had actually grown at all, he wouldn’t have to pull out all the stops. His evolution and maturation would be as obvious to Katie as the nose on his face.

Don Diamont"The Bold and the Beautiful" Set CBS Television City Los Angeles, Ca. 03/19/21 © Howard Wise/ 310-657-9661 Episode # 8518 U.S.Airdate 05/17/21

“Fifty/fifty chance I really mean it.”

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If this is the way that the show goes, back to the same well with a couple that has run its course, well, there is an upside. Don Diamont and Heather Tom sparkle like diamonds together. But we’ll still be bummed, because it will mean that the show is closing the door on two storylines we would’ve loved to have seen play out.

Katie’s New Beginning

As many times as Bill gravitated toward her sister, Katie was never going to be able to feel truly sure of him or his fidelity. We’d like to think that she’s smart enough to know that, too — and smart enough to move on.

How much fun would it have been for Katie to return to the canvas in a big way with a new love on her arm? She hadn’t told anyone, even her sisters, because she wanted to see where it was going before she let anyone know what was happening. At the point at which her new man is introduced, Katie could be secure enough that their relationship has legs to let her friends and family meet him.

Katie pensive office B&B

“Ya know, maybe I’ll just never let him meet my sisters.”

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Plus, we’d get a new cast member — maybe playing an exec type to make Carter sweat in his COO seat a little or, ironically, a new adviser to and sparring partner for Bill. (If Days of Our Lives is really killing off the soap-hopper that we fear it is, he’d be a perfect new addition. See who we mean here.)

Bad to the Bone

If Bill and Katie are really, truly, finally done, that would also free him up for a new romance, and we know just whom he should have it with. Someone who means to be good but has a history of being bad. Someone who likes the finer things, power and, like Bill, has an axe to grind with the Forresters. Who do we mean?

Maya, that’s who. Bring her back embittered by her split from Rick and eager to stick it to the Forresters. Revenge being one of Bill’s favorite pastimes, he could team up with her to knock the design dynasty down a peg or two. Along the way, though, they could discover to their surprise that they like something as much as plotting — each other!

It would be tricky, too. The new duo would have to navigate their complicated past, one in which Bill revealed to the world that Maya was transgender. Back then, he apologized after the fact for telling a story that wasn’t his to tell and admitted that he admired Maya’s courage to live her truth. In the present, they could address his past misdeed and figure out a way forward.

Of course, if the show had gone that route, it would have had to do so without the much-missed Karla Mosley. She explained to a while back why she didn’t think she should return to the spotlight when her former character did. (Read her reason here.)

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