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Credit: D Guignebourg/JPI

Let’s face it, you only live once…

So, why not be happy?! The Bold and the Beautiful’s Krista Allen (Taylor) recently sprinkled some happy vibes throughout social media, which is nothing new since she’s one of the funniest actresses out there — one who loves to have a good time while posting.

Allen captioned her latest video, “When your higher self reminds you who’s boss!” then gave followers a front row seat as she lip-synced along to DJ Suede The Remix God’s hit “Argue (I Can’t Argue With You).” Now, for those who aren’t familiar with the song, the lyrics describe a person who refuses to argue with another for one main reason… “I’m happy, leave me alone!”

Oh, how we wish that Taylor would finally say these words to Ridge. After years and years of heartache and fighting for his love — all while he’s been chasing his destiny — Taylor deserves to be happy and we’d love nothing more than for her to show “the dressmaker,” as Bill would say, that she can be happy without him — and his Logan drama!

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And after watching her and Deacon bond over the horrific mess that Sheila has made of Steffy’s life, well, maybe these two lost souls could be just what the other needs?! Allen also tagged her video with the hashtag “you only live once,” and Taylor needs to take to her portrayer’s way of thinking and live for each moment.

Taylor and Deacon would never make supercouple status by any means but could you imagine the look on Ridge and Brooke’s face if they teamed up, hooked up and had a little fun of their own? We’d be there for it!

If you’re not fully on board with seeing the end of Taylor and Ridge, take a look at our photo gallery below filled with 10 times she should’ve realized that he just wasn’t all that into her.