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It’s time to get back to basics with the family.

The Spencer men are back on The Bold & the Beautiful! If you’ve been feeling lately that it seems like ages since those three have been mixing it up together, you aren’t alone.

Wyatt’s been out of town more than in, galivanting around with his MIA fiancée, Flo. (Either marry or move on, already.) And Liam’s been around living the happy life with Hope while Steffy’s off mourning her not-so-dead husband. Then there’s Bill. We feel like his biggest scene lately has been in Brooke’s mind when she was going through all her men!

So yeah, the good news is we got a delicious scene with Bill, Liam and Wyatt all having lunch together at Il Giardino, bonding as only the Spencer men can by sniping at each other and their fellow Los Angelinos!

Over on Twitter, fan Jeanne N called it the “highlight” of the episode. “I love how flawlessly they compliment each other in these scenes,” she tweeted, adding that “Wyatt reminds me the most of Bill with his quick wit, responses and snark.”

Bold & Beautiful knew fans would be excited to see all three men together again and took to Twitter to promote the Spencer’s scenes. It was all one big, happy lovefest!

Actually, not really. They shared their Mancrush Monday post with the fans… and the fans shared their own take on what they got! Sure, there were folks excited to see the Spencers not just in an episode, but all together again, but there were also quite a few fans who were not.

Jojo Love quipped that the show’s Twitter account “might as well have just put up a picture of Ridge because that’s all they said and talked about.”

And maybe she was just slightly hyperbolic that that’s all they ever talk about… but we can see why Katie might be worried that Bill’s always going to be obsessed with Brooke — and her husband!

She continued laying into their side burner status tweeting, “You’d think the actors would be seriously bored by now being trotted out to discuss other actors on the show and then returned to the closet after lunch.”

Although that does make us wonder… How might one go about procuring a closet full of Spencer men? Asking for a friend.

For viewer Hanan, it’s been (check’s watch) approximately four years since the Spencers did much that was noteworthy. “They competed, they were at work, Spencer Publications was their priority and they weren’t the cheerleaders of Brooke Logan or talking about sex stories.”

She capped it all off by calling them “boring gossip girls.” (This is about where we’d insert a grimace emoji if we were tweeting this.)

Fan Kay Schultz agreed that they were far from “the greatest characters they once were,” and viewer Angel Velarde did not beat around the bush, writing, “None of these guys have anything going on, so…. who cares!”

The responses go from there (and some veer a bit into the salty range), but we’re pretty sure you get it by now! As fan Chelsea Miller put it, “Give them an actual story.”

That is certainly a sentiment that we second! (And third and fourth and however many we need to add to make it happen.) We’ve had an idea for Wyatt for some time, because honestly it feels like he’s lost a lot of his mojo with Flo. But if he and Katie got back together…

Then there’s Liam. While the Hope/Liam/Steffy triangle is far from fresh, we’ve been talking for ages about Liam wrecking the happy (yet dull) home life and heading back to a grieving Steffy. Now that Finn’s awake before Steffy’s even returned, though, it looks like the window’s closing on that!

The big problem, though, is Bill. He was once not just a titan of industry, but a titan of love! Katie, Brooke, Steffy — Bill had it all! (And blew it all, time after time.) He schemed with the late, great Stephanie and battled it out (instead of gossiped about) Ridge. And seeing the Spencer men all get along is all fine and dandy, but the real drama was the three of them butting heads.

Lately, though, Bill’s been little more than a talking point for Katie with the Logan ladies and that’s just a crime against the character. Fortunately, we do have news that Bill’s got some big story on the way. All we can say is, it can’t come soon enough! For that matter, it can’t be big enough! Will he fight with Wyatt over Katie’s affection? Push Liam away from Steffy by pulling him towards her? Duke it out with Ridge and Eric as he tries to take over Forrester?

Come on, Bold & Beautiful, don’t fail us now. The fans are letting you know exactly what they want to see, and not delivering on it would be a monumental waste. All we want, is a little drama!

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