Ridge demands Sheila's location BB
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Time may finally be running out for Sheila.

In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful preview for the week of July 18 – 22, Ridge demands answers from Mike. Read about it below and watch the preview.

Last week, Sheila pushed Mike to pick up the medication Finn needed, while Finn struggled to find a way to escape his crazy biological mother’s clutches. At the same time, when Baker informed Brooke and Ridge that the head guard Guthrie believed Sheila’s escape was an inside job, Brooke struggled to recall how she knew that name.

Unfortunately for Finn, things turned grave when he told Sheila that she was crazy, and Sheila refused to reunite him with Steffy until they knew he would pull through. Finn realized Sheila did something to Steffy after she shot him, and struggled to escape. Sheila sedated him after he again called her crazy.

Coming up, Finn tells Sheila that the police will track her down and she can’t hide him forever. Sheila loses her and throws something to the ground as Mike looks on. Finn’s condition appears to be getting worse.

Later, Brooke must have connected the dots regarding the name Guthrie, as Ridge and Brooke confront Mike, along with Baker, at the station. Ridge warns him that protecting Sheila is a really bad idea as she’ll throw him under the bus so fast that he won’t know what hit him. Ridge demands to know where she is.

Meanwhile, Finn, who is in bad shape, tells Sheila to stay away from him. She cries, “Why won’t you trust me?” He responds, “Are you serious?” Will Ridge and the others get to Finn in time?

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