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How much more can the poor guy take?

It’s a good thing that Finn is a muscle-bound sorta fella, because The Bold and the Beautiful sure is piling it on him. First, he found out that his biological mother was psycho Sheila. Then, he found out that his adoptive father is actually his biological father. Then, Mommie Dearest tried to facilitate a relationship with her baby boy by — yikes — shooting his disapproving wife, Steffy, a murder attempt that left Finn “dead” and his missus next in line.

This, however, was just the show’s warmup to the emotional beatdown that still awaited Finn. Adoptive mom Li secretly started him down the road to recovery, only to run afoul of Sheila and find her life going up in literal flames. At that point, Finn was left in Sheila’s (cough) care — not someplace that anybody has ever wanted to be! And the week of July 18, as he’s doubling and redoubling his efforts to escape so that he can reunite with Steffy and their family, he receives the mother of all sucker punches, according to Soap Opera Digest.

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Say It Ain’t So

Finn pushes and pushes until at last he gets Sheila to admit that, well, Li took that whole “ashes to ashes” thing to heart during a particularly joyless ride. “He is devastated,” Tanner Novlan tells the magazine. “Li is the only mother he ever knew.”

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Not for nothing, but she was also the only mother of his who didn’t have a murderous streak and include among her hobbies kidnapping. But we digress…

Mission: Impossible?

Off that horrifying revelation, Finn is more determined than ever to get back to Steffy — and let’s be real, he was pretty determined to begin with. “He just knows he needs to get out of this room and see his family,” Novlan says. “His fears for the worst couldn’t be higher.” Need a reminder as to why Finn should be afraid, so very afraid?

Review Sheila’s life and crimes in the below photo gallery.