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The consequences of a past decision could send this happy couple into a downward spiral.

Everything’s coming up roses for one of Bold & Beautiful’s sexiest couples, the newly-reunited Carter and Quinn, but we have to wonder if it’s too good to last. They are on a soap opera after all — it’s only a matter of time before something cuts in on their bliss, right?!

While we worried that Quinn seeking revenge on Donna might send Carter for a loop, there’s another looming possibility that could send both the jeweler and her handsome COO into a downward spiral…

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Backing up a bit, while Eric was posted up in the Forrester mansion’s guesthouse and Quinn wasn’t a participant in any of his, ahem, physical work out routines (that was all Donna!), Carter wasn’t quite as alone. He and Paris hooked up several times at his loft and may have done so again in the days — okay, day — leading up to their ill-fated wedding.

Carter and Paris romped all over his loft!

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Might there be unforeseen consequences of Carter’s decision to have sex with Paris that could create huge complications for his relationshp with Quinn?

At a recent party at her clothing store, Benheart, Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) and Bold & Beautiful producer Casey Kasprzyk held an impromptu Q&A session, and one of the queries had to do with Carter’s ex — specifically, the fan wanted to know, would Paris become pregnant? Gasp!

Naturally, they didn’t give away anything, but we couldn’t help thinking that if it proved to be true, Carter and Quinn’s joyous reunion would come to a grinding halt — at least the “joyous” part anyway.

Given it’s the year 2022, Carter should be able to support Paris and parent his child while staying with Quinn… but knowing the character as we do, we have to wonder if he would.

Carter was on the verge of marrying Paris, in part, because he wanted to start a family of his own so badly. Would he feel he was missing out if Paris told him she was pregnant with his baby and he didn’t try to make a go of it with her?!

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The ab-tastic Mr. Walton is madly in love with Quinn, however, and may decide he’s not budging regardless. In that case, it could be Quinn, fearing Carter will resent her at some point in the future, who ends up feeling she should her love in an effort to clear the way for him to be with Paris and their child.

What if Paris gets with Zende in the meantime? Then we’d have a very complicated situation on our hands!

Do you think Paris will discover she’s carrying Carter’s baby? What do you think would happen if she did? What would you want to see happen? Drop your comments below.

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