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Get the scoop on “Quarter”, “Bridge”, “Dealor” and fan favorite characters who have gone MIA.

At a recent party for her Beverly Hills clothing store, Benheart, Katherine Kelly Lang did an Instagram live session that showed not only all the fun and fashions at the gathering, but revealed some juicy nuggets of soapy goodness for fans of Bold & Beautiful as well.

Lang showed off the walking cast she’s been sporting after breaking her ankle and retold the story of walking her horse on an uneven trail when her ankle rolled and she went down. She confirmed the horse was fine, when asked, and said it was only she who sustained an injury.

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When it came time for an impromptu Q&A session on Bold & Beautiful, producer Casey Kasprzyk was on hand at the bash to help Lang field fan inquiries. Among the first was, “Why does Ridge always go back to Brooke?” to which Lang joked, “Why does the moon shine?” Meanwhile, Kasprzyk offered up the party line, “Because it’s their destiny.” The big ‘D’ folks!

Another fan wanted to know, “Are Carter and Quinn going to stay together?” Lang mused about not being able to give away future story, but noted, “They have good chemistry.” Kasprzyk teased, “They’ve been going on long bike rides together,” alluding, of course, to Quinn taking to a bicycle to make it to the church — er, restaurant — on time, to stop Carter from marrying Paris. Something tells us she won’t be keen to get on a bike again anytime soon!
Quinn ride bike wedding B&B

Next, someone asked if “Kelly will find Sheila,” meaning Brooke, but unsurprisingly, they wouldn’t give anything away as to how the she-devil’s story will play out. We have to wonder if the explosions and helicopter drama teased in Monte Carlo will figure into the climax.

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The hot question right now — “Will Deacon and Taylor get together?” — caught Lang and Kasprzyk’s attention and they both let out a delicious “Ohhh” in unison in response. Lang did a little dance but couldn’t speak on it as someone off to the side said, “It’s a spoiler.” They did try out a few potential ship names for the pairing such as “Dealor” and “Taycon.” The vibe was that they like the idea, and they’re not alone. Find out what Sean Kanan and Krista Allen said about Taylor and Deacon here.

Next up was a question that has been on a lot of long-time viewers minds in recent months: “Are we going to see more of Dollar Bill? Don is a great actor.” Happily, Kasprzyk confirmed “He’s got some story coming up,” and then added, “A big part of the story actually,” before whispering something to Lang. Oooo, we can’t wait.

One fan wanted to know, “When is Steffy coming back from materinity leave?” “The end of July,” said Kasprzyk as Lang puzzled, “Isn’t she back?” Presumably, the end of July is when we’ll first see Steffy back on our screens regularly, although it could be pushed into August now what with so many pre-emptions.

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The answer to the question, “Any idea if Rick’s character will ever return?” was a firm, “No” from the producer, who added, “Rick is holding down the fort at International.”

Also, in the Q&A, there was some talk of how RJ needs to come back, which had Lang fist-pumping to show her approval of the idea, and joking of her onscreen son’s exit, “He went up those stairs and never came back.”

Lang was asked who was her favorite love on the show, but dodged the question. Donna and Paris were also raised during the fun session. Watch the video clip for yourself below:

After the share, Kimberlin Brown (Sheila) hopped into the comments to say, “Wish I were there!” to which Lang replied, “Next time! Hope your foot feels better!” The actresses, it seems, are both nursing injuries of the same nature.

Which of the storyline teases was your favorite? Give us your take on the tea spilled at the Benheart party in the comments below.

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