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Yet another person’s jogged memory could spell big trouble for Sheila Carter.

Bold & Beautiful’s official account offered up a teaser clip of things to come that hinted at trouble down the pike for Sheila, who is currently focused entirely on how to deal with Finn.

Sheila’s son is currently attempting to “play” her in an attempt to pull off his own version of an escape from custody. Having regained his memory of the shooting shortly after regaining consciousness, Finn quickly realized that the Forresters weren’t exaggerating or over-stating the case when they insisted his biological parent was unhinged and evil.

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Desperate to flee, Finn is bent on finding Steffy and the kids and vowed to himself that Sheila would never get near them again. While the doctor was successful in convincing his mother to leave the room, it remains to be seen if, after his near-death experience, he has the strength to follow through with his plans.

Viewers know, of course, that Finn faces another challenge — Sheila has a partner-in-crime on the premises — none other than Mike Guthrie, the very person who posed as a guard to help her escape from prison. Chances are, Mike is going to do Sheila’s bidding as he well knows the potential consequences if he doesn’t.

This brings us to the preview clip, which has Deputy Chief Baker paying a visit to Brooke and a very frustrated Ridge to discuss the police department’s lack of progress in tracking down Sheila.

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As Ridge rages at the hot-dog loving Deputy Chief and sarcastically wonders if they could possibly do “something to keep her from shooting somebody else,” it’s revealed the man has managed to come up with some new information — they’ve been investigating how Sheila recieved “inside help” to escape and they have the name of the head guard.

As Brooke asks Baker, “Chief, this head guard, you say his name is ‘Guthrie’?” Baker asks, “Yeah. What about him?” Brooke then narrows her eyes in such a way that suggests the moniker is familiar to her. See for yourself below:

As Bold & Beautiful viewers well know, if Brooke remembers Mike Guthrie and his connection to Sheila, it could be the beginning of the end for the elusive she-devil, putting an end to her reign of terror once and for all. Or at least this particular reign of terror.

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