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If our prediction is correct, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

The Bold and the Beautiful may have made Finn the (absolute very) last to know that Sheila has more screws loose than R2-D2 even has screws. But now that he finally is aware — and painfully so — of just how far off the deep end she is, he’s starting to double up his efforts in hopes of escaping from Mommie Dearest’s clutches and reuniting with his “widow,” Steffy, and their family.

The trouble is, Sheila has never been any good at taking Kenny Rogers’ advice and knowing when to hold ’em, much less when to fold ’em. She’s so mad, she’ll bluff with a handful of nothing! So you can bet that she’ll move hell and earth to keep her son under her thumb. That brings us to a crossroads — a major one.

Bold Beautiful Sheila Finn bedside

“Say nothing if you forgive Mummy.”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Guest Starring the Grim Reaper

Obviously, Sheila can’t keep Finn prisoner forever. There are only so many IVs that anyone can change. And obviously, they can’t both leave that room. If they did, a newly clued-in Finn would rat out Mom faster than you can say “cray-cray” — and we can say it pretty quickly!

So will he be forced to end her reign of terror… permanently? If she puts him in an “It’s you or me, kid” scenario, is there any way in the world that he wouldn’t choose himself, getting outta there and racing into Steffy’s open arms? Would any of us not be like, “Look, lady, thanks for birthing me and all, but there’s a padded room with your name written all over it. Do you need directions?”

No, right?

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The other dire possibility is — gulp! — would Sheila go so far as to kill Finn, this time without air quotes around the word? Obsessed as she is, she wouldn’t want to, of course. She just wants to have a (cough) healthy relationship with one, any one, of her spawn. But if she can’t be in her boy’s loving arms, wouldn’t she prefer, well, anywhere else to being in a prison cell?

A Mother’s Love… Gnarled and Twisted

The logical answer is yes. But, as Kimberlin Brown tells, “I love when I hear from viewers who say that they actually feel sorry for her because she’s misunderstood. A lot of other daytime villains are gone because there was really no sympathy for the horrible things they were doing, whereas in my mind, the story I’ve always tried to tell is that everything she does she does for love.”

How Sheila defines “love” is in question, certainly, but OK. In any case, our money is on the former scenario. Fans are dying for Finn and Steffy to reunite; no way would the show resurrect Dr. Nice Guy just to bump him off again. And at this point, it’s not like Sheila has any shot of rejoining society or pretending that she’s reformed. She’s shown her true colors — all but flaunted them! And in the final analysis, batty she was, batty she is, batty she will be all the way to the grave.

Check out all the suspects in the “Who killed Sheila?” murder mystery that we’ve been predicting for ages in the below photo gallery.