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Sheila could tear the Forrester’s apart without lifting a finger!

With the woman who “killed” Finn and shot Steffy on the loose, The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Ridge has been doing everything in his power to keep his loved ones safe. He’s hired extra security, which we’re told has been stationed outside the homes of Brooke, Taylor, Hope and Thomas. He’s also got men watching Steffy and her kids during their overseas trip.

As Ridge was working to keep his extended family safe, it occurred to us that the soap is missing a major opportunity for fantastic drama by not having Ridge or Eric insist that until Sheila is captured, everyone should move into the main Forrester compound!

Brooke, Ridge, Taylor B&B

“Ridge, I think you’ve watched one too many episodes of Sister Wives!”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

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Think about it: Only last week, Ridge broke the news to a shocked and heartbroken Taylor that he was reuniting with Brooke. But but the trio under the same roof and it’s not hard to imagine how easily Ridge’s “loyalty” might switch. Heck, it might even lead to Brooke — seeing firsthand the chemistry her “destiny” shares with Taylor — realizing that Ridge came back to her more because of the love they once shared than in response to where his heart currently lies.

Then there’s the idea of Thomas, Liam and Hope — who have a somewhat complicated history of their own — all trying to get along at the breakfast table for the sake of Douglas.

Meanwhile, Donna and Eric’s new relationship would be under the intense scrutiny of the entire family. And just imagine the tensions rising whenever Deacon swings by to visit his daughter?

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The possibilities are endless, especially if the show decides to break out that big dining room table that everyone gathers around each Thanksgiving. Anybody else having flashbacks to the primetime soap Dallas, and those wonderfully awkward dinners at which Miss Ellie would try to prevent sons Bobby and JR from turning her fine cutlery into deadly weapons?

Heck, maybe with that many people gathered under one roof, the Forrester family will finally bring in some servants to help care for everyone. Imagine how fun it would be to have a husband and wife who, when not catering to the whims of their wealthy employers, gossiped about them in the kitchen? That would be a whole lot more entertaining than the brand of exposition the show currently goes for while adding some much needed “have nots” to the canvas.

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