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Bold & Beautiful star gives us hope for his alter-ego’s future as a “Sharpe”-dressed man.

When Bold & Beautiful fan, Angie Theo, hopped on the CBS twitter handle to ask her favorite soap star a question, it was directed to Sean Kanan with regard to his onscreen alter-ego, seemingly reformed bad boy, Deacon Sharpe. Noting it was great to have him back on the show and amid hopes the character will be seen for many years, Theo wondered, “Will we ever see Deacon work at Forrester or Spencer and take control?”

CBS reached out directly to the source for an answer, and Kanan doled out a video response to the query from his home state of Pennsylvania.

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The actor mused, “That’s something I think about a lot — what would it be like if Deacon had some sort of a strong financial foundation?”

While it provides contrast for there to be the “haves” and “have nots” on a soap opera, it can also be fun to see the playing field made level, and after all the guff Deacon’s taken from the likes of Bill and Ridge over the years, it surely would be entertaining to see the tables turned for a time.

Noting Theo had asked about the possibility of his character working at Forrester Creations, Kanan recalled, “He was actually head of publicity for a while.” Happily, this means that “Deacon does have experience in the corporate world,” meaning it’s not such a long shot that he could make a return to the hallowed halls.

Kanan continued on to understate: “I think it would be really interesting to see how Deacon would be able to interact with Bill Spencer and with Ridge if suddenly Deacon had a lot of money or had a really influential job or position.”

Dang, the women already find Sharpe intriguing, but he’d be downright irresistable with money and power, right?!

Giving us hope for the, ahem, future, Kanan added, “One thing I’ve learned with Bold & Beautiful is never say never.”

It’s very true. Just about anything can — and has — happened on this soap!

Kanan further teased, “Exciting stuff is always coming in the new scripts,” and ended by adding with a grin, “We shall see.”

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Will Hope lobby for her dear ol’ dad to join the ranks at Forrester Creations? Will Bill find himself going head-to-head with “The Con”? We’ll have to tune in to find out. In the meantime, watch Kanan’s video response for yourself below:

Look back on Deacon’s checkered past in the gallery below.