Finn wakes up on BB
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Will Sheila lie to Finn, or tell him the truth?

In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful preview for the week of July 4 – 8, Finn continues to ask for his wife. Read about it below and watch the preview.

Finn recently regained consciousness somewhat and saw both Sheila and Li at his bedside. He weakly asked about Steffy, only to fall back unconscious. Sheila felt it was a sign that he was going to live, and she didn’t kill her son after all.

Li later told Sheila she needed more medicine for Finn and tried to make a call, causing Sheila to smash her cellphone knowing she was trying to call the cops. A fight between them ensued, and Li took off in her car with Sheila in pursuit. Unfortunately, it was heavily raining, and Sheila rammed Li, causing her car to burst into flames, sending Li’s car through a barrier, and it sank into a body of water.

Coming up, Finn finally fully regains consciousness, and unfortunately, the first person he sees is Sheila, who is with Mike.  Sheila cries, “Look at you, you’re alive and awake.” Naturally, Finn’s first words to his birth mother are, “You shot me!” Sheila cries, “I’m so sorry. Please, you’ve got to believe me!” Finn then asks where Steffy is, and if she hurt his wife.

Over at the Cliff House, Ridge tells Taylor they have to find Sheila and put her behind bars before someone else gets hurt.

What do you think viewers? Will Sheila lie to Finn about Steffy’s whereabouts and condition? And what will she say when he asks about Li?

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