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If there’s anyone who knows about surprise reunions, it’s this scheme team!

Longtime fans of The Bold and the Beautiful were in for a surprise over a decade in the making that day Sheila turned around to see one of her prison guards was none other than her old pal, Mike! But believe it or not, no one was more surprised by the latest twist as Mike himself, Ken Hanes! In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, he admitted to being a bit taken aback when he was asked to return after a 12-year hiatus.

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“It has been a while,” he admitted, “but it’s a great story and we are having such fun doing it.”

So far, that story has thrust Mike front-and-center in the Sheila/Finn saga. From helping the desperate mom escape prison, to loaning her the car she used to drive Li into her flaming, watery grave Mike’s clearly as enmeshed in Sheila’s misdeeds as ever.

But what’s next?

“I can say that it’s not just a couple of episodes,” Hanes teased to Digest. “There are some really great twists and turns ahead and you’ll get to see Mike and Sheila up to their old hijinks. It’s a fabulous story.”

Well, with Li dead, Sheila’s definitely going to have to keep a much closer eye on Finn until he’s back on his feet. And if Mike’s sticking around for a bit, that means he’s going to be right by her side. Spoilers indicate that he won’t be able to resist teaming up to help her with Finn — but exactly what kind of help will she need?

He’s no doctor… but he could probably swipe one for Sheila!

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“My expert opinion? Yeah, you could fit another two or even three people in here. I’ll go grab them for you, Sheila.”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

That’s why Mike’s such the perfect partner right now. Hanes noted the two get up to “their old hijinks.” And that, more than anything else, entails kidnapping. Mike hasn’t really been the murdering type, but holding James, Maggie and even Sheila herself prisoner? That he’s good at. Better than holding people prisoner in the actual jails he’s worked for…

Still, while Sheila’s going to want Finn to survive, that doesn’t mean she’s going to be able to let him go. She shot Steffy, almost killed her son and killed Li. (Or was it just a “happy” accident for her?) Curing Finn is great but setting him free to toss her back in prison and never allow her near his family again isn’t exactly how Sheila would want things to go.

On top of that, we can imagine that in Sheila’s twisted mind she still just wants to be loved and be one big, happy family with her son and grandson. And if that can’t happen by letting Finn go, it’ll have to happen while keeping him prisoner…

What better way to do that than by also kidnapping Steffy and Hayes and holding them with Finn? Is it a permanent solution? No, but Sheila never really seems to think through the consequences of her actions or where they’ll lead. She follows her emotions to whatever harmful conclusions they lead her.

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The point is, Mike may just be the man to finally bring Steffy and Finn back together. That’s not necessarily saying it’ll be for a happy ending… but one thing at a time.

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