Carter and Paris wedding BB
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Is it real, or is it all a dream?

In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful preview for the week of June 27 – July 1, Quinn is determined to stop Carter from marrying Paris. Read about it below and watch the preview.

Last week, Quinn pleaded with Carter not to marry Paris and do something he’ll regret. Knowing he couldn’t have Quinn, Carter was determined to move on, though confessed he’d always love her. Carter then proposed to Paris, who accepted, and he suggested they marry right away.

Naturally, Grace refused to accept the marriage and even went to Zende to beg him to stop her daughter from making this mistake. Meanwhile, when Ridge learned of the proposal, he flat out accused Carter of still being in love with Quinn. Carter didn’t deny it but had to move on. The wedding was quickly planned for the next day at Il Giardino.

In a preview of what is to come, Charlie presides over their nuptials. As they reach the vows, Quinn, not at all dressed for the occasion, bursts into the ceremony.

Carter is stunned to see her, but really, should he be surprised? She’s made it clear she thinks this is a mistake and she blurts out, “I know this is your wedding day and it’s supposed to be special…” Paris cuts her off and says, “Then just go!”

Of course, this is Quinn she’s ordering around. Does she really think Quinn will just leave? Quinn responds, “I can’t!” Carter then asks, “What are you doing here?” Quinn cries, “I want to make my life with you. Paris asserts to Carter, “Just tell her to leave! Please let’s make this happen.” Carter looks at Paris with a conflicted look.

What do you think fans? Will Carter call off the wedding, or in spite of the woman he loves telling him she wants to be with him, go through with it? Or is this just one of those notorious soap fantasies?

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