Lt. Baker helps out. (

B&B Breakdown for the week of December 28!

Before I get to this week’s events, I thought I’d touch on the Christmas episode since I left for vacation before I could watch it last week.

So here are my brief thoughts on Christmas B&B style…

I wonder if Sally not sending Stephanie her yearly Christmas card is an indication that they will address the fact that the actress has passed away. I like that they’ve kept the spirit of Sally alive after Darlene Conley’s death in 2007 by referencing her many travels, but could it be they are finally ready to give her closure?

Owen and Jackie’s scenes made me realize how much I miss them. They’re such a fun couple and need to be on more.

All of Thorne’s worry about Stephanie was pretty much a waste of time considering Stephanie was having a great time at Jackie M. It was nice someone in her family was thinking of her though.

Nick was cute singing to the kids, which, if you watched Days of Our Lives last week and listened to Nathan read to the sick kids at Salem hospital, was a heck of a lot more fun.

And now on to this week…

Two main things happened: Bill and Katie previewed the Dare collection and Sandy and Nick sought answers from Lt. Baker.