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Jacqueline MacInnes Wood teases, “A lot going on” as Bold & Beautiful films in Monte Carlo.

Bold & Beautiful stars Thorsten Kaye (Ridge), Krista Allen (Taylor), Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) and Tanner Novlan (Finn) recently met up in Monaco to represent the show in a whirlwind of events for the 61st annual Festival de Television de Monte Carlo and reportedly had a lot of fun, alluding in a Q&A session to there being parties “every night.”

The trip brought popular Bold & Beautiful couple ‘Steffy’ and ‘Finn’ back together again for the first time since viewers saw the pair shot and left for dead in the alley by Sheila. Wood’s character believes her husband died (and so did fans for a time), and took off to Europe with the kids to put some distance between them and the painful memories in the Malibu home they shared as a family.

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Finn, of course, was alive and well and being cared for by his mothers, after Sheila found Li tending to their son, having spirited him out of the hospital and away from doctors who declared him brain dead. He’s clearly on the road to making a comeback, albeit surrounded by drama and, now, in the precarious position of relying on his psychotic murderer of a biological mother.

We’re thinking nothing will keep him from Steffy, however, and wondered if their reunion scenes might just be taped on location in Monte Carlo.

As it turned out, Thorsten Kaye revealed that Bold & Beautiful was indeed filming scenes while in Monaco, though he quickly reminded, “Can’t tell you what it is.” That said, he previewed, “There’s explosions and helicopters and it’s gonna be… it’s gonna be cool.” Wood confirmed, “There’s a lot going on.”

Krista Allen chimed in with a remark to Kaye that we couldn’t quite hear on the video playback, but it began, “Maybe you make out…” Might she have been teasing a ‘Tridge’ overseas canoodling sesh?! As we’ve learned time and again, nothing’s impossible on Bold & Beautiful. She also shared a foreshadow-y post on Twitter ahead of the cast flying home and enthused, “Oh the drama!

As their time in Monaco kicked off, the Bold & Beautiful stars gathered to celebrate the soap’s 35th anniversary. When questioned about the impressive run, Kaye marveled, “That doesn’t happen,” while Wood reflected, “I grew up watching it. I used to watch it with my grandmother and my family.”

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