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Bold & Beautiful star moves forward on her journey.

Bold & Beautiful’s Ashley Jones teased a ‘big day today’ and alluded to “exiting one chapter and starting the next,” a little more than a week ago. We can’t help but think she was referring to a significant event in her personal life, one that will have felt like a long time coming.

Jones, who has twice reprised her role of Bridget Forrester on Bold & Beautiful recently, as the skilled doctor flew into action to save Steffy and weighed in on her father Eric’s strange heart rate spikes, was in a philosophical mood of sorts that day. She looked happy, and referred to being “in transition” and remarked, “One day we’ll look back and realize how strong we are and how far we’ve come,” before asking her followers to leave words of encouragement.

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Jones promised to explain to her fans what was going on with her, but it was TMZ that broke the news that her anticipated divorce from Joel Henricks had finally been made official.

The outlet claims to have acquired court documents that indicate that not only is Jones and Henricks’ divorce final, but that the pair settled on issues relating to child custody and visitation, division of assets and support.

A restraining order issued to Jones, who fled her home and the marriage amid allegations of physical abuse by Henricks, was reportedly extended to February 2023. TMZ shared a photo of Jones’ hand injury from the alleged assault.

The Bold & Beautiful star will reportedly have custody of their son Hayden for three days per week and every other weekend, while Henricks will see the boy for four hours every Tuesday and Wednesday and alternating weekends. Holidays and school breaks will alternate each year, while Jones will always get her son on Mother’s Day and her birthday.

The outlet reported that no child or spousal support was awarded, and that Jones and Henricks will cover expenses for the boy while he is in their care. She will choose his school and pick up the tab.

Each kept the assets in their personal bank accounts and Jones was awarded a 2017 Mercedes-Benz, while he kept two other vehicles, according to the report.

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The talented actress recently took to Instagram to share professional good news — she can be seen on the third season of For All Mankind, which is now available for streaming on Apple TV Plus. We love to see her thriving!

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