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Credit: Gilles Toucas/CBS

It’s a simple request, too.

Any time we’re having a bad day, we just pop on by Krista Allen’s Twitter feed knowing that her good humor will turn our frown, if not upside down, at least kinda sideways. (Hey, it’s a start.)

Case in point: We recently checked in to see what the Bold & Beautiful star was tweeting and discovered that she was making a request of fans after they’d rather emphatically made their wants known to one of the show’s scribes — eight-time Emmy winner Michele Val Jean, no less. But, this being Allen that we’re talking about, she asked viewers to lay off in the funniest way possible, pointing out in her own unique manner what Val Jean had: that script writers don’t control the arcs that plots take.

“Please don’t tag our script writers demanding storyline changes!” said Taylor’s portrayer. “That’s the equivalent of going to the hardware store for milk.”

In another post, Allen responded to a follower who shared a screengrab of “the precise moment that Taylor and Ridge realized their tax dollars have been flat-out wasted” — because the police had let slip through their fingers Sheila Carter, aka the most notorious killer in the history of the City of Angels.

“So true,” the actress laughed. “This made me laugh out loud!”

What made us chuckle, though, was this response to a fan who asked, “When has Doc been able to get to the gym?” According to Allen, “Taylor finds plenty of time every single day to go running… from her issues.

“It’s excellent cardio,” she added, tongue firmly planted in cheek.

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