Sheila warns Li BB
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Ridge and Taylor receive alarming news.

In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful preview for the week of June 13 – 16, Sheila manages a jailbreak. Read about it below and watch the preview.

Last week, Baker escorted Sheila to the jail’s visiting room, leaving the villainess puzzled, as the only person she wanted to see was her son Finn, who she believes is dead. She was surprised to get a visit from Li, who wanted confirmation that Sheila was indeed locked up in jail. Sheila tried to play on Li’s sympathy over their shared son, and that she too missed Finn. She cried that killing Finn was a terrible accident. Unfortunately Li made a drastic error when she vowed to protect Finn’s son from Sheila, and that Finn is a wonderful young man.

This week, Ridge and Taylor are informed by Detective Baker that Sheila Carter has escaped from jail before being transported to a federal facility. That might be due to the fact that her old friend Mike is one of the guards.

Sheila tracks down and confronts Li, telling her that she didn’t go through all this trouble for Li to send her back to prison. Sheila warns Li that she has resources and she’d be smart to remember that.

Meanwhile, Ridge tells Taylor that they have to find Sheila before she causes any more havoc.

Will Sheila discover that Li has been taking care of a very alive Finn?

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