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Li really slipped up this time!

All it took was one little slip-up of verb tense by The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Li this past week, and Sheila’s diabolical wheels started turning. Finn “is”? What could that possibly mean? Well, she’s about to find out!

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According to the most recent issue of Soap Opera Digest, once Sheila escapes prison, she sets out this week to track down Finn’s resting place and say her goodbyes. What she finds, instead, is Li hiding her unconscious but very-alive son away!

“It is actually a shocking moment,” Kimberlin Brown explains of the discovery. “To open that door and see Finn lying there and breathing is thrilling and overwhelming. She’s not quite sure how to react because Sheila was devastated and crushed thinking her son was gone, and now he’s not. Once again, that opens a whole new world of possibilities.”

But come on, does it really?

Sure, Finn is alive and maybe Sheila gets her second chance with her son. But maybe not! Even if he comes back sporting some handy amnesia, unless Sheila can run off with him before he talks to anyone, chances are, he won’t be too happy to see his mom. After all, she tried to murder his wife and nearly murdered him! We don’t see a happy family anywhere in Sheila’s future.

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In fact, Finn waking back up could be the worst thing that happens to her! At least while he’s unconscious, she can dream of reconciliation, but once he wakes up and snatches that from her, about all we see is her spiraling down an increasingly dark path.

Even before he wakes up, that’s sure to be what happens.

“Sheila just wants to feel accepted and needed,” Brown explains to Digest, but “Li turned her back on Sheila, and that is something you just don’t do. So there is a confrontation coming, and it’s going to be a good one.”

A good one, or a bad one? Because if Li’s days are now numbered, that’s just going to make things worse for Sheila when Finn wakes up and finds the mom who raised him is dead! Then again, if anyone is capable of holding her own against Sheila, it’s Li.

Still, rather than this discovery opening up a whole new realm of possibilities, we feel like it’s going to take Sheila down the same inevitable, dark path!

If Sheila finally goes too far and gets bumped off, we’ve got a photo gallery stuffed full of suspects in her demise!