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“Somebody had to say it!”

Is there anything better than when a soap character manages to say what we, as audience members, are thinking? (That’s a rhetorical question, because the answer, obviously, is no!) Every show needs a truth-teller, and more often than not, Bill Spencer is Bold & Beautiful‘s go-to guy in that department. So when he barged into Ridge’s office this week, we knew some truths were about to be spoken!

Sure enough, Bill demanded to know why Ridge refused to see that Brooke was as much Sheila’s victim as anyone else. “She is holding your marriage hostage,” the publisher continued, pointing out in the scene below that Brooke would never have gotten drunk if not for the devious plot set in motion by Finn’s biological mother.

On that, the men could agree.

“If you know that,” sighed an exasperated Bill, why are you living at your daddy’s house sucking your thumb like you’re the injured party, feeling sorry for yourself?”

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You could almost see the audience throwing their hands up to the heavens and shouting, “Hallelujah!”

Or you could just head to Twitter and see people reacting in real time.

“Nobody tells Ridge how it is better than Bill,” said Jeanne. “Nobody!”


Added Trish, “Somebody had to say it!”

Lisa suggested that Bill might be just the person to deal with the nutjob who has terrorized the residents of Los Angeles for years. “I would love to see bad-ass Bill take on Sheila and find a way to get her the hell out of everyone’s lives,” she suggested. “Now that would be some great entertainment!”

Meanwhile, fans also got a great deal of amusement out of the way Krista Allen delivered one of Taylor’s lines to Ridge. During a heartfelt scene in which the World Renowned Psychiatrist spoke to her ex-husband about the long-running triangle in which Brooke is the third side, she tried explaining why the women find him so darn irresistible.

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“We both love that you have a huge heart,” she mused. But what caught the attention of viewers was the long pause between the words “huge” and “heart,” implying that perhaps it was the size of another organ which the ladies found worthy of fighting over!

Asked by a fan if the script indicated the pause, Allen responded “Only in my perverted — oops! I mean professional head.”

And that, friends, is why the actress has won the hearts of the Twitterverse (including some who absolutely despise her alter ego, Taylor).

If, like us, you feel like we’ve seen way too little of Dollar Bill lately, click through the gallery below to be reminded of why he’s such an awesome character!