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Are we approaching an instance of “like father, like daughter”?

Savvy Bold & Beautiful viewers have seen the signs: Hope may be developing an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. “Something’s going on,” noted the curiously named happens in’s message boards. “Every time we see her lately, she’s got a drink in her hand. Today it was a beer.”

“I was wondering about that,” said Lynn1216. “If they do another addiction storyline, I am glad they are leading up to it.”

History Repeating

Such a plot would make a lot of sense for Hope, who in the past has gotten hooked on anti-anxiety medication and, on top of that, is the daughter of not one but two alcoholics. If the show goes that route, Liam would naturally want to support his wife in any way that he could. In this instance, however, he might not be the best person on whom she could lean.

Who would be? Deacon.

Father Knows Best?

If Hope began to spiral out of control, Brooke, naturally, would intervene. But, since she recently barred Hope’s father from setting foot on Ridge’s turf, she might be too hurt to confide in her mother about anything. That would leave Deacon as the only individual who would really understand what Hope was dealing with. Even Liam could be moved to implore him to offer Hope a lifeline.

The story could then serve as a springboard to yet another one. Were Deacon to help Hope get her drinking under control, Brooke would be so grateful that it would be near impossible to keep her babydaddy ban in place. Ridge, too, might find it hard to deny that Deacon had done a good deed and proven that he has some redeeming qualities.

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Ridge would hate it, but still…

What do you think? Is Bold & Beautiful pointing Hope toward an alcoholism storyline? Annika Noelle would knock that the heck outta the park, no?

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