krista allen mashup
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Taylor is finally going to get her rightful place — in the opening credits.

Ever since Krista Allen joined The Bold and the Beautiful as Taylor, viewers have asked the same question over and over again. No, not “Is Ridge going to end up with Taylor or Brooke?” (As if he ever “ends up” with anyone for very long!) “When is she going to be in the opening credits?”

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Recently, the actress revealed that it wasn’t like she and the show weren’t trying to make it happen, it was just that… well… shooting opening-credit pictures is hard! “First shoot, the damn wig ate my face, and I looked like a homeless sheepdog,” she admitted with a laugh.

“Second shoot, we had tech/lighting issues,” she added, “and lost most of the shots.”

But on June 10, at long, long last, Allen’s opening-credits images were snapped. And knowing how keenly interested fans were, she obtained permission to share a sneak peek. (Check it out below.)

“Who shares a copy of an opening-sequence shot before it officially airs?” asked @jacksojj88, who then offered up an answer to the rhetorical question: “An awesome actress who genuinely enjoys interacting with the fans!”

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“And, thank [supervising producer] Casey [Kasprzyk] for graciously giving me the OK to share this with everyone pre-air!” said Allen. “You have all been so patient and waited a long time!”

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