Krista Allen as Taylor Hayes B&B
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Bold & Beautiful’s newest star is hoping the “third time’s the charm!”

Bold & Beautiful’s Taylor fans have been waiting a long time to see certain things happen since Krista Allen first appeared in the role and we’re thrilled to report that one of those items is about to be checked off the list!

No, Taylor will not be kicking Ridge to the curb — at least not yet anyway — but Allen had good news to share with her followers on Twitter nonetheless when she made a post that left her fans cheering, “Yay!” and expressing the sentiment, “It’s about time!”

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Allen revealed that a shoot had been scheduled for Friday June 2, at long last, to put her into the opening credits. She enthused, “I’m shooting new opening credits on Friday!” and went on to explain that Bold & Beautiful producer Casey Kasprzyk had “found an opening in my schedule and is making it happen!”

Promising to take some behind the scenes shots if possible, Allen quipped, “Third time’s a charm.” So… what the heck does that mean? Keep reading after the tweet and we’ll explain.

It turns out, Bold & Beautiful has made two previous unsuccessful attempts to get Krista Allen into the opening credits as Taylor. As she hilariously explained on social media, the first session was a bust because “the damn wig ate my face and I looked like a homeless sheepdog,” and the second tanked because “we had tech/lighting issues and lost most of the shots.”

Fingers and toes crossed that Krista Allen’s third attempt will finally get the job done and we’ll see her daily in the opening credits where she belongs! And here’s hoping that Taylor will send that fence-sitter Ridge packing one day too — who says you can’t have it all?!?

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