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We wouldn’t have thought it possible. Yet…

We’ve been flummoxed for some time by the way that The Bold and the Beautiful has been writing Grace. There’s meddling, and then there’s… whatever you’d call what she’s been doing in daughter Paris’ love life. It’s just… beyond!

Grace treats Zoe’s kid sister like she isn’t smart enough to screw in a light bulb, never mind decide on the relationship that she wants to pursue. And the way that the doctor writes off Carter as a going-nowhere pencil pusher when he is, in fact, the well-regarded and presumably well-compensated COO of a fancypants design firm makes less than no sense.

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The Point of No Return

But it’s what Grace does the week of June 6 that has started us thinking that she may be more than domineering — downright demented. After Carter plants a surprising but welcome kiss on Paris, Mommie Dearest files a sexual-harassment complaint with Ridge. What the actual hell?

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“Some people mispronounce ‘caring’ as ‘crazy.’”

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First of all, can someone’s mom raise a red flag at a company for which she doesn’t work? This isn’t second grade, and Grace isn’t reporting that Timmy stole Billy’s tater tots at lunch. She isn’t even stating a grievance that Paris has! Which leads us to…

Problem No. 2: Where does Grace imagine that her complaint will lead? All it will take is two lines, and it would be dispensed with.

RIDGE: Paris, is Carter sexually harassing you?

PARIS: No, my mother is out of her damn mind.

That’s it. Done. So we’re wondering whether Grace doesn’t have a screw loose. She’d have to be at least a little off to begin with, right, to have ever fallen for Paris and Zoe’s shifty father. And her behavior since arriving in L.A. has been questionable at best.

Grace Paris office talk B&B

“I don’t tell it like it is, sweetie, I tell it like it’s going to be.”

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Another Sheila in the Making?

Mind you, it would be tough for any character to out-crazy Sheila; the homicidal maniac once stuck her own mother’s head in an oven and murdered a man with bees. Yes, bees! But at the rate Grace is going, we could actually see her one day transforming into another full-on psycho.

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