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There’s a perfect woman for him out there… and we know her number!

Don’t get us wrong… we absolute love the idea of Bold and Beautiful pairing up Carter and Quinn almost as much as we despise the idea of him basically settling for Paris. But truth be told, neither woman is really right for him, a fact which became abundantly clear during his recent conversations with Quinn.

It’s clear that the exec is still very much besotted with Quinn, who has declared her intention to remain with Eric. Carter’s solution? Commit himself to Paris in order to both be with someone and prevent the younger woman from questioning his feelings for Quinn.

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Carter and Quinn are so hot, we have to hope that couch is made of a fire-resistant material.

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But even the jewelry designer knew exactly how much he was sacrificing… and why. “You’re a huge romantic,” she pointed out. “You were ready to walk away from everything that meant anything to you to run away with me!”

In a telling moment, Carter went on to admit that he didn’t want to be alone anymore. “I am tired of sitting on the sidelines watching everyone move on with their life, including you,” he told Quinn, going on to turn something we’ve all joked about into an emotional gut-punch. “How many weddings have I presided over? I mean, how many people have I walked into their future while I sit at home alone? I don’t want that! I want to be a husband in the worst way! I want a family!”

It was in that moment that we realized Carter doesn’t need to pine for Quinn or settle for Paris, because there’s another character on the canvas who happens to be every bit the romantic he is. Better still, it’s a woman he knows and even briefly seemed likely to romance: Katie.

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“Before this goes any further,” said Katie, “I have to ask a very important question: How do you feel about my sister, Brooke?”

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Think about it. Katie is such a hopeless romantic that she has given Bill one chance after another despite him letting her down time and again. Even as a little girl, Katie sat in her room, dreaming of having the romantic exploits big sisters Donna and Brooke were enjoying.

Like Carter, Katie has been sidelined far too long, hoping for (and deserving) better than she got. Perhaps now, at last, the show can once again explore the chemistry they briefly flirted with (pun intended) last year, when it seemed as if fate was pushing Brooke’s sister and Ridge’s best friend into a romance.

One look at Katie’s history, which we’ve helpfully outlined below, and it seems clear that she might just be the perfect woman for Carter!