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Does this mean it’s soon time to say goodbye?

If there’s one thing Bold & Beautiful’s Eric hasn’t been suffering from lately, it’s a lack of story. His affair with Donna was just about as shocking a reveal as his sleeping with Quinn all those years ago. Whether it’ll lead to another long-lasting marriage, though, is yet to be determined!

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It could turn that way, as McCook hinted recently that Donna may just be Eric’s endgame, but when asked by Soap Opera Digest in a recent issue what he’d like to see next for his character, it wasn’t settling down with a ladylove!

“I think Eric loves the idea of traveling,” McCook mused to Digest. And judging by the amount of places around the globe that he and Forrester Creations have visited over the years, we’d have to say he’s probably right.

“I think he’d love to spend a year in Italy somewhere,” he continued, “or living on a vineyard in the south of France and just seeing what it’s like to not be internationally famous and just be a gentleman farmer, riding horses and getting to know the locals. I think he would love that.”

That would be great for Eric… but less-so for Bold & Beautiful fans!

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Could Donna convince Eric to settle down or run off into the sunset?

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We’re not saying McCook is talking about retirement here, but he is talking about how great it would be for Eric to pretty much fall off the radar for a bit. That is, unless the show’s planning on relocating to Italy to follow the lives of the Forresters, Logans and Spencers, gentlepeople farmers!

When Susan Flannery decided it was time to retire back in 2012, the show gave her a grand farewell tour before killing Stephanie from cancer. It was one of those natural soap deaths which tends to mean they’ll stick as opposed to falling off a cliff or getting shot by your own mother!

But what if McCook wasn’t quite ready to hang up his hat up completely just yet?

Eric isn’t really the type of character to disappear in an explosion but he is one who might take some time away from the spotlight and the family to live the easy life for a bit! Bold & Beautiful never really likes saying farewell to characters unless they’re really, truly dead. (You know, as opposed to Finn’s mostly-dead!)

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By sending him off to Europe, McCook could get a bit of a break, with Eric just popping back in to Los Angeles from time to time to check in on the family and the company. And if one of the show’s last two original stars decides to come back for an extended stint, we have no doubt they’d accommodate him!

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