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The Forrester patriarch may keep his options open a while longer… but when push comes to shove, *this* woman’s portrait will hang above the mantel.

Bold & Beautiful’s Eric has found himself between a rock and a hard place in his love life after reconciling with Quinn following a couple of very rocky patches, and reigniting the flame with his former wife Donna. But something has got to give as we can see that the character is hella conflicted….

So, what’s coming down the pike? Will Donna be left heartbroken after Eric decides he needs to stop seeing her and cheating on his wife? The blonde honey-whisperer put him on the spot as to whether or not he wanted to put a halt to their affair, but we’ve yet to see his next move. Or might Quinn be the one left devastated should Eric come clean to her that he’s been raising his heart rate with his ex and announce that their marital bliss ship has sailed?

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There was a hint as to which way he’s leaning when Eric told Donna that he believes “the affair that Quinn had with Carter ruptured their marriage” in a way that he thinks is “irreparable.” However, that could have been nothing more than a typical Bold & Beautiful red herring ahead of him declaring that he needs to put an end to his dalliance with Donna and devote his full attention to rejuvenating his marriage to Quinn.
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Except that John McCook may have given yet another clue as to how this will all come out in the wash in a recent interview with SOD. After admitting that Stephanie was the love of Eric’s life, he was then asked, “Who is the one who got away?” His response was that Donna was the one who got away, “and he didn’t realize that until she reappeared.”

As we all know, it was Donna’s erm, love, that helped Eric realize that his erectile dysfunction wasn’t a fait accompli — in fact, as Brooke helpfully pointed out, it was almost certainly a sign that he still had underlying issues with his wife after her brief foray back to the dark side when she meddled in his son Ridge’s marriage.

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While Eric may decide to try and keep his options open a while longer, and keep seeing Donna (aka, playing pickleball) on the sly, we have a feeling that when push comes to shove — and it always does on a soap opera — Eric is going to choose to make his ex-wife his current wife once again.

How do you think this will play out? Let us know in the comments.

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