Carter struggles to deny feelings BB
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Quinn wonders if Paris is really the woman Carter loves.

In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful preview for the week of May 30 – June 3, Quinn pushes Carter to move on. Read about it below and watch the preview.

Unbeknownst to Eric, Quinn gave him a special tracking ring, and he swore he was once again of to the club and she was happy to see he was taking his health seriously.

Meanwhile, as Grace continued to push Paris to give Zende a chance, Paris asserted to her mother that Carter was the man she wanted, and the man she was going to be with. Unfortunately, Carter can’t stop thinking about sex with Quinn. When pushed by Zende to go after Paris, Carter explained he couldn’t be with her, but failed to give a reason why.

Later, Paris caught Quinn and Carter privately talking about Eric, the ring, and his health. Paris immediately worried something was still going on between them, but they asserted nothing was.

It’s a good thing Maury Povich has retired because he might be poised to say, “The polygraph test concluded that was a lie!” In a preview of what is to come, Quinn asks Carter if Paris is really the woman he loves. Carter tells her they both know the answer to that.

No matter how hard he tries, Carter admits he can’t stop wanting her. He tells Quinn that he’s trying to deny his feelings for her, but he can’t. Quinn begs him that he has to, and then adds, “We both have to!” Clearly, Quinn isn’t as over Carter as she is trying to act. And what will happen when Eric is caught with his hand in the honey pot?

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