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It might be time for him to try something new.

Look, we all know Bold & Beautiful’s “Steam” train is getting ready to leave the station, right? Steffy and Liam are all but certain to get back together. Fans have been begging for the show to keep Finn and Steffy’s love going, but now that we know he’s alive, it’s pretty much a guarantee there’s going to be trouble ahead! The Forresters don’t do anything easy. Ever.

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And remember how the show went out of its way to celebrate Steffy and Liam’s love a little while back?  That certainly caused an uproar with viewers. Finn hadn’t even had a funeral yet and “Steam” was making a comeback! Granted, now we know why the good doctor hadn’t had a funeral…

Plus, this is Liam we’re talking about here — Mr. Whichever Damsel-In-Distress Is More Vulnerable Right Now. Sorry, Hope, but right now, that’s not you.

So, while Finn is alive, there’s no saying how long it might be before he actually makes his return to Los Angeles and his family. It’s already been well over a month. By the time he comes back, a lot could change.

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“Cheers to heartache!”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

It might be nice to think that Steffy would leap at the chance to reunite with her husband and the father of her child — but that’s just as true with Liam as it is with Finn. And if she’d moved on by the time she learns she’s not actually a widow, she’s going to have to make a choice between two loves and two fathers of her children. Even if that choice is eventually, Finn, we can’t imagine him not being hurt to find her shacking up with Liam over his (non-existent) grave.

Few things draw people together like being pain, and with Hope reeling from Liam returning to Steffy and Finn pained to find his wife having moved on, they could provide each other with the perfect shoulders to cry on — in bed. And while neither of them are particularly vindictive, there’d have to be at least a little part of Finn and Hope that would get some satisfaction out of sticking it to their exes!

Then there’s Li. She clearly disapproves of Steffy and feels she’s bad for her son, so we could totally see her being OK with Hope, so long as it gets him the hell away from Steffy. Yeah, the Logans get mixed up with the Forresters too, but with Brooke on the outs with Ridge right now, Hope’s family might be looking like the safer, less baggage-filled alternative.

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Would Li’s attitude necessarily sway Finn? Maybe not — but she did pull him back from the brink of death, so he may be feeling a bit more charitable towards his mom!

What do you think? Are Finn and Steffy going to leap back into each other’s arms when he finally returns, or could they be too busy with a partner swap?

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