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What the heck is the hunk’s mom thinking? 

Almost from the start, we suspected that Bold & Beautiful‘s Finn didn’t really die the night his mom accidentally pumped him full of lead. But even we were shocked at just how quickly the show chose to reveal that he was alive (if not entirely well) and being kept in a darkened room by adoptive mom Li!

No sooner had we caught a glimpse of an unconscious Finn than our head filled with questions… and so did our Twitter feed with those raised by fans. Let’s do a deep dive into Finn’s resurrection and see if we can’t collectively come up with some answers!

1) How does Li see this playing out?

Bold li finn alive

“You know who’d approve of my actions? Stephanie Forrester. She’s tucked away a child or two!”

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At first glance, what Li is doing seems downright cruel, especially where Steffy and Hayes are concerned. How dare she not reveal that Finn is alive! And yet, we got a better glimpse into her motivations during the episode which aired on May 24. “You got caught up in Steffy’s world. The Forresters and all their baggage.” As fans pointed out from the beginning, Sheila didn’t seem to show a whole lot of interest in being part of Finn’s life until he married into the fashionable clan. But if Li succeeds in curing what ails her son, won’t he simply go running back to Steffy… baggage and all?

2. How in the world did Li pull this off?

As we suspected, the soap is sort of brushing over details here. We now know that somehow, Steffy and Finn wound up being taken to different hospitals. Despite Finn having a “faint pulse” in the ambulance, the attending doctor apparently wrote him off, allowing Li to fake Finn’s death, sign the death certificate and smuggle him out. How did she manage to get an entire miniature medical ward set up in what looks like a hotel room without raising suspicions? We’ll probably never know…

3. Is Jack aware of what his wife has done? 

On the one hand, if Jack knows that Li is caring for their comatose son, it might help answer a few questions, specifically regarding how she managed to pull this off. (Two heads are better than one!) On the other, given her anger over the fact that Jack never told her that he was both Finn’s adoptive and biological dad, she might be disinclined to fill him in on her actions.

4. How did Sheila get fooled? 

bold beautiful sheila listening screenshot

Granted, this is not one of Sheila’s better disguises, but…

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Sure, we were told that Li refused to allow Sheila to see Finn. But since when has anyone been able to prevent Sheila from doing what she wants? While we haven’t seen much evidence of it lately, Sheila is a master of disguise who easily could have donned scrubs in order to see Finn’s body… and immediately become suspicious when there was no body to be seen!

5. Will this somehow result in Sheila avoiding prison? 

As hard as it is to believe, this is entirely possible. After all, soap towns are filled with characters who did awful things and got away with themDays of Our Lives‘ Ben is a serial killer, General Hospital is stuffed to overflowing with “good” mobsters, and even Bold & Beautiful‘s own World Renowned Psychiatrist (Patent Pending), Taylor, shot Bill in the back. Bad people sometimes get away with bad things, both in the real and reel worlds.

6. How long until Steffy and Liam reconnect? 

Bold Beautiful Steffy Liam kitchen

Liam’s default when he sees a woman in crisis is to get down on one knee, prepared to propose.

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Oh, take that shocked look off your face. Yes, Steffy’s a grieving widow, but we all know that when she’s at her most vulnerable is also when she tends to make the biggest mistakes. She may no longer be living under the mistaken delusion that Liam’s her husband, but they do share a child and a whole lot of memories together. And heaven knows Liam loves nothing more than riding to the rescue of a distressed damsel.

7. When will Steffy and Finn finally be reunited?

Bold B&B Steffy Finn kiss makeup HW

How long will Li be able to keep these crazy kids apart?

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Obviously, that’s the ultimate payoff to Finn being alive, right? No show does payoffs as well as this one, so it’s easy to imagine the two of them running down the beach and into one another’s arms. It’s also easy to imagine that this will only happen after something has happened which will further complicate their future happiness. Plus, now that Steffy’s portrayer, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, has given birth to her third child, there’s the question of how her maternity leave will impact the story moving forward!

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