Adrienne Frantz attends Step2 Presents 7th Annual Celebrity Red CARpet Event by New Bloom Media Benefiting Baby 2 Baby at Sony Pictures Studios on September 22, 2018 in Culver City, California© Jill Johnson amber jpi
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“Nothing like being in the hospital with your newborn.”

It’s been a tough few months for The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young & the Restless alum Adrienne Frantz (Amber). She gave birth to her third child, Killian, after a series of complications, then her first born, Amélie, brought home a bug that it sounds like hit the whole family.

It was, she admitted shortly after, “a hard few weeks without sleep adjusting to our new addition but I wouldn’t change it for the world!”

She loves all her kids, and they’ve given her “the most amazing job in the world! I get to be mom to these wonderful babies! Which means unconditional undying love!”

But along with that unconditional love comes worry and heartache as you do everything in your power to protect your children and keep them safe and happy and healthy.

Sadly, though, you can’t protect them from everything, and right now, that’s something Frantz and hubby Scott Bailey (Sandy, Guiding Light) are facing as they’ve had to bring Killian back to the hospital so heartbreakingly soon after his birth.

“He has been up all night with a really high fever for an 11 week old,” Frantz shared on a Sunday Instagram post. “Say some prayers for little Killian.”

Fans, coworkers and friends from Bold & Beautiful like Ashley Jones (Bridget) did just that.

Later in the evening, the exhausted and worried mom checked in with an update and adorably sweet photo of a happy baby, despite all that was going on. That poor little bandaged arm, though, just about broke our hearts.

“We are still in the ER waiting on more test results,” Frantz shared. “Little Killian was so brave for his IV. He loves when mommy sings the Beatles to him, and a nurse put sugar water on a binki, so he tasted sugar for the first time! I love this kid so much! I hope he is ok!”

We’ll be keeping Killian in our thoughts and keeping an eye out to make sure he’s OK. We’re sure he will be, and we’re sure mom, dad and the doctors are doing everything they can for him. If that joyful smile is any indication, he’ll be right as rain in no time.

Update: After publication, Adrienne Frantz gave a troubling update on Baby Killian.

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