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It was just another “Sunday morning” for the actor. But for his followers… wow.

On May 22, Tanner Novlan shared to Instagram a clip from 1999’s Fight Club. In it, all we really see is Brad Pitt making a memorable entrance in a bathrobe covered in coffee cups. “Sunday morning,” the Bold & Beautiful alum captioned the video.

That was it.


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But many of the actor’s fans took the snippet as an unequivocal sign that he was returning to — or had never really left — the show. “I get what you are saying, Tanner,” replied maybabydoll259. “Welcome back and glad you are staying.”

“Yes!!!” chimed in Melissa Jayne Elias. “Let’s go! Let’s go!”

Taking the post to be a preview of sorts, alimiami316 described it as Finn “walking back in like a total boss.”

There’s just one problem: It ain’t necessarily so.

We’ve recently noticed a lotta evidence piling up that Steffy’s husband is neither really nor sincerely dead. (You can review the whole pile of it here.) And there are a zillion ways that Novlan could be kept on Bold & Beautiful. (We’ve lined up the possibilities here.)

However, back in January, supervising producer Casey Kasprzyk promised that after the twist that was coming down the pike actually arrived, “The Bold and the Beautiful will never be the same.” And if Finn turned out not to be dead… well, that wouldn’t be true at all, now would it? The show would remain exactly the same.

What do you think? Was Novlan sending fans a winking message with his Pitt video? On your way to the comments…

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