Ridge, Brooke dumbfounded B&B
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The show might have finally built a “Bridge” too far.

If the folks over at The Bold and the Beautiful didn’t realize how passionate their fans were before, they certainly do now!

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The show’s official Twitter account tweeted out a sweetly beautiful photo of Brooke and Ridge waltzing from the show’s 35th anniversary show and announced that ‘Bridge’ was “Dancing into destiny.”

At least, that’s what they thought they were doing. The viewers had a bit of a different take on the whole thing. There were “Bridge” fans out there, and they did respond with enthusiasm… but they were pretty handily outnumbered by folks mocking the sentiment. As a number of them said, “Read the room!”

Honestly, though, we’re glad that the show didn’t, because this tweet got some downright hilarious responses!

One fan (clearly not of “Bridge”), for instance, just couldn’t help but rope the grand matriarch herself into this debacle.

“This is Stephanie right now,” Rachel responded with a photo of a figure rolling over… presumably, in her grave.

“That’s been her for the last four years,” Gracen added with a laugh. We guess there really is no rest for the wicked. Though, if Stephanie’s been rolling around that much, we’re kind of surprised California hasn’t been registering more earthquakes!

Mark Gross had a question for the show: “If ‘Bridge’ is destiny, then why do they keep breaking up so many times?”

Good question!

“And she finds other destinies twice a month?” Pam Quinn added.

Another excellent question! But that’s a bit hyperbolic. Brooke finds other destinies once, maybe one point five times a month, at most…

Can you imagine how crowded that dream sequence would have been for the show’s 35th anniversary if she really did? Lord, Brooke’s house would have been packed to the rafters.

“I’m just not interested in ‘Bridge,'” DayDreamer wrote, “but I like the characters separately. Destiny isn’t this hard, if they didn’t get it right the first time or 2nd, 3rd, just give up.”

Er, technically we’re on the 8th time. We think. Carry the one…

Speaking of trying over and over and over again, there’s a word for folks who do that isn’t there?

“‘Bridge’ are the very definition of insanity,” RoboRO2245 suggested. Yup, that’s the word we were trying to think of! “Let it go. Burn the ‘Bridge’ for good and move them along.”

We see what you did there!

Since we’re on the topic of burning bridges, it seems like the right time to point out that there really is a Simpsons reference for everything!

Realistically, though, Brooke and Ridge live in California, where they’re used to rebuilding after natural disasters. No matter how many times they burn that “Bridge” down, we have a feeling it’ll just keep getting rebuilt!

“If I hear destiny and soulmate one more time,” D. Brandon Right responded, “I will vomit so loud you will hear it from Texas.”

Point taken, but also, it may be a good idea to get to a hospital ASAP if that’s the case. That may be a serious medical condition, because it does not sound healthy. Hilarious, but not healthy.

You know things have taken a wrong turn somewhere when Arrested Development‘s Lucille Bluth starts rolling her eyes. (RIP, Jessica Walters. You are missed!)

This tweet said it all with a single word — “No” — and a hilarious gif. But we guess it’s small wonder that folks reacted so vehemently.

(Get it? The clip is from curious ’80s gem Small Wonder, which featured Dick Christie playing dad to a young boy and a young robot, years before Charlie ever got mixed up with the Forresters or wooed Pam!)

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Amber James went and got a song stuck in our brains for what’s probably going to be the rest of the day, so we’re really feeling that Michael gif from The Office that she tweeted with the lyrics to “Little Lies.”

And that’s where we’ll leave it — for now! Enjoy Fleetwood Mac echoing in your head while you contemplate the unending “destiny” of Brooke and Ridge.

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